Supported Devices List and requests for new devices

This is an ongoing list of devices that Manjaro-ARM officially supports. There will be several categories of support. As new devices are adopted or old devices dropped, we will keep this thread as up to date as possible. This may also serve as a request thread for future devices.

  • Fully Supported - Release images are made and distributed

  • Partially Supported - We do not make release images but it can be installed via Manjaro-ARM installer or using the Manjaro-ARM tools.

  • Currently being worked on - Members of the development team either have the devices and are working to bring them up OR devices are planned to be supported and members are awaiting devices.

Fully Supported

  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • Odroid n2
  • Pinebook
  • RockPro64
  • Khadas Vim3

Partially Supported

  • Odroid C2
  • Rock64
  • Pine64-LTS / Sopine (tested on Pine64-LTS board)
  • Raspberry Pi 3B
  • RockPi 4

Currently Being Worked On

  • Pinebook Pro
  • Pinephone
  • Pinetab

Unofficial Support
Khadas VIM 1 - Link



Would it be possible to support the Asus tinkerboard S, at all please?
Many thanks! :slight_smile:

It's a rockchip rk3288 so should be possible, since Rockchip is fairly good at upstreaming stuff.
But we would ofcourse need test devices to implement it.

I could possibly send you my asus tinkerboard s and then you simply post it back to me once you've got manjaro working on it - does that sound like an idea?

I just found out that it's not an arm64 board.
We only support arm64 as an architecture, so that means aarch64, armv8 and arm64.


ah, no worries then! You're right, it's a 32-bit processor!


You are working on the Pinephone, nice for the future and your os advertising !

Yeah. Both Phone and Tab is in the works.


Is the manjaro shop a source of income for your os ?

In a way.
Purchases made in the Manjaro shop goes into the Manjaro income pool, which helps us out with devices from time to time.

But to directly donate to Manjaro ARM, you can use our Patreon, Ko-Fi or LiberaPay options.

I bought several t-shirt, I'm satisfied

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Some questions about the Pinephone :

You develop a complete os (manjaro for smartphone) or you are working on an existing environment "adapt" to manjaro?

plasma mobile for smartphone develop by kde, or gnome...

what is the solution to offer as much app for a future Linux phone ?

a lot of people are waiting on a serious alternative to iOS or Android...

We are still in the very early stages (like we haven't even gotten it to boot yet).
But the plan is to get a full Manjaro ARM system on the phone.
We haven't settled on a DE for that yet, although Plasma Mobile seems to be where the primary work is being done.

OK, thanks for your answer.

You'll develop a manjaro for phone with a future desktop environment choice for the user, nice

Hi, will there be any support for Raspberry Pi 1/Zero? I can help if there's any way possible

Sadly no.

The raspberry pi 1 and zero are running on a complete obsolete architecture at this point (armv6h).

I just got a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and I was excited to try Manjaro on it. Unfortunately, Manjaro will not boot. It seems to get stuck initializing network devices (which makes sense, considering that I believe the main difference between the 3B and 3B+ is the networking hardware).
Any plans to get this working on the 3B+?

I can post a screenshot of the actual error later if that would be helpful.

I will have a Raspberry Pi soon, and I also want to install Manjaro ARM on to it.

I tried to search some review videos on Youtube, but the newest one was created a year ago.

Could anyone test it and make some vids about it?
(Using internet broswer, install game and some other programs etc.)

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