Survey about the next Thunderbird interface

While Mozilla is working on switching Thunderbird to the Photon engine, the Monterail team is looking to bring some freshness to its interface. So in order to understand if they are going the right way, they opened a survey for (potential) Thunderbird users.

The survey closes on February 6th.

Just for other people's info, Monterail is not involved with the Thunderbird development process - they previously created a mock-up interface which got them a lot of site traffic.

Now they're trying to do the same again.

Exchanging emails! Wow, just like anyone who files bug reports or feature requests! Aggrandizing, much?


Well, Mozilla does say Thunderbird 57 has a theme based on Monterail's design...


Hmm. Possibly I'm reading into it incorrectly, but the Monterail post if very carefully worded to imply they are highly involved in the process, but they don't actually say that. "Making available a theme" is what plenty of other people do on AMO - and the theme that is available is made by someone else but based on their mock-up design.

Their design might indeed be very nice (I haven't looked at it) but the post comes off as disingenuous (to me at least).

that was not unbiased survey design.

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