SUSE Studio Imagewriter poorly designed

The forum is probably not the right place. In "About" of SUSE Imagewriter it sais:

The SUSE Studio Imagewriter is (C) 2012, SUSE Linux Products GmbH
It is cheerfully released under the GPL v2 license. You can find the source code on github:
It was written by Matt Barringer Please send complaints directly to him.

And everybody stop being rude to each other! :point_up:


you did note that it's in the off topic section, right? and as i stated above i do intent to report the issue there.

if possible ,use Isousb

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Off-Topic is the wrong category, it's not about kitten, media, politics and similar. It's about a Linux application. I've moved it to #general-discussion:rants-and-raves.



I still don't know what you tried to achieve with this thread, but ok.

I think he was gonna tell SUSE how he's re-written and improved their image writer and proffer them his code? Right? Right?


You know i've used etcher for years no problem 100% success
Before that i used imagewriter and still do on some systems 100% success
Now one of us is lucky or one has some system problems or bad USBs or you are installing stuff and not updating, cause they both work out the box for 99% of users.

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I am a newbie, and I use dd.
Very carefully.
Very, very, carefully.
Cutting and pasting from the the wiki the first time on each install, then up arrowing thereafter.


<sigh>. Coffee all over my keyboard, and dribbling out my nose.

Thanks, @c00ter...



What image did you write with etcher.

Win10 image are only functional, when written with the Microsoft download tool/image writer.

For those of you speculating on writing a Windows ISO please read this from #technical-issues-and-assistance:tutorials section

GraveDigger1 only writes, that Suse Imagewriter does not work with some images.
But not which ones.

This is the only guy that mentioned it recently, and he ain't staff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, but he is a WiFi LWizard! :smiley:


I like the isoimagewriter as well.

I think I had a stroke trying to read that post :face_with_head_bandage:

I am amused how there are absolutely zero replies. Nobody is brave enough to try to explain. I feel bad for the guy, honestly. Just goes to show, not everyone is a tech guy.

You mean nobody is stupid enough to respond. He nuked his hard drive with an errant command. There's not much hope for a total newb to bring life back to a nuclear wasteland.

Sure it might be recoverable with the right tools, some knowledge, and a lot of luck. However I don't have enough time left in my lifespan to help try and fix a complete doofus manoever for some no mind. I'd chalk that one up as a life lesson and just move on.

Learn to make backups is the lesson to be learned.


If I read through this thread, there is nothing more to explain.

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