"Suspend on Idle" not working reliably / not at all

I have set my computer ( not a notebook) to suspend after x minutes of idle. This has turned out to work very unreliable.

It used to work pretty reliably about 4 weeks ago when I first set it up (by pretty reliable I mean it used to work more than it didn't, while still not working quite often).

Reliability has degraded significantly in those 4 weeks. Right now, it hasn't worked for a week.

I can suspend the computer manually no problem.

I would be thankful for pointers and ideas how to investigate / solve this issue.

Thank You

I presumably solved this by removing my Ethernet module, and re-adding it. (Which I did, because my Ethernet stopped working entirely)

In my Case:
sudo rmmod e1000e
sudo modprobe e1000e

This can sometimes be resolved by testing alternate kernels, drivers, or firmware.

There is an alternate e1000e driver in the AUR. You must install the kernel headers before the driver.

Modprobing the e1000e drive module can be done automatically by writing a systemd suspend service.

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