Suspend or screen timeout, cause system issue and freeze

Hi, I've installed Manjaro plasma with architect. All so good except some issue with suspend, hybernate, and screen timeout.

Example: suspend or hybernate freeze system (need force power off or reset); screen timeout go down monitor and if I move mouse seems to restart, but remain black (need to shutdown and powering manually, or try via Ctrl+alt+234567 etc).!

Now disabled hybernate and suspension via:

sudo systemctl mask

(Isn't a problem, is a desktop), but also screen timeout (setting via plasma) cause issue (no freeze, but screen go with orange led, and go back in blue led when move mouse, but still remain as black screen and still I need to power off and on again).

Maybe a driver issue? Or something with dpms?

Any help will be more appreciated :slight_smile:


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