Switch from consolekit to elogind

I plan a elogind default on openrc instead of consolekit.
This should give working wayland sessions on non systemd.

You can have a try and test elogind in unstable.

To switch to elogind, assuming networkmanager-consolekit and sddm-consolekit installed:

pacman -S elogind-openrc networkmanager sddm-elogind 

Remove old services from runlevel and add elogind:

rc-update del cgmanager default
rc-update del consolekit default
rc-update add elogind default

Once you booted in system with elogind running, you can remove pm-utils, cgmanager.

Feedback welcome.[poll public=true]
  • Yes, automatically replace consolekit with elogind
  • No, don't automatically replace consolekit with elogind

I got a simple question: what is the benefit?

(and/or why would we need a logind?)

I think one benefit would be, as @artoo mentioned, a working wayland session when and if people want to test it.


I just decided to learn what wayland is. Summarized here in "Differences between Wayland and X"

Wayland (display server protocol) - Wikipedia

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Regardless how one views logind, its there, it was clear they will enforce it as quasi standard, and its a component, which isn't that bad. Bad is, that its tied to systemd thing.

Anyway, benefits are numerous, such as working power management in some DEs without old pm-utils.
Another benefit, elogind seems more actively developed than consolekit2.
Both have pros and cons, but since elogind provides the dbus login interface, lets go with it.

That is a good reason. Everyone use a laptop nowadays

The installation instruction are not complete and now my KDE/openrc installation don't start: no login request, impossible to open any tty sessions. I used the standard startup with sddm etc... without no modification.
I've a backup so i can restore everything, but please: be sure that the instructions work and are complete. I don't know what happen, I'm investigating, but next time tell CLEARLY that its a TESTING.
Reading your post it look like a "sure" replace. Thanks'

I did.

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Worked here

Wayland session works for me with intel gfx drivers. No success with nvidia drivers, which isn't related to elogind I think.

Yeah I've got nvidia - I tried a wayland session and it just came back to sddm so I thought I'd leave it a while and do some more reading, but if it's nvidia drivers then that saves me some time, thanks.

I see there is a polkit-elogind can this be used ?

Is this just for testing on systems using sddm? I'm using lightdm on XFCE-OpenRC.


I will "strongly" stay away from it.

"If it ain't broken, don't fix it" :slight_smile:

lightdm should work fine I think.

Just make sure you replace in /etc/pam.d/lightdm-greeter

pam_systemd.so with pam_elogind.so

PS: if lightdm doesn't have reboot or shutdown command working, you may need to symlink loginctl to systemctl.
Would be a case of patching lightdm.

It will replace consolekit at some point automatically.

Any rough idea when the changeover will take place? Consolekit will no longer be supported after the change?

Best regards.

Not sure atm, plan was to first get it all working, some minor issues left, and then make the auto upgrade.
What is lacking is support for other DMs, I wouldn't want to maintain more DM builds.
I kept the consolekit pkgbuilds, but I wouldn't want to maintain elogind and ck builds and packages, so ck would also be removed from the repos, unless somebody jumps in and maintains them or submits them to AUR if not present already.

Am I correct to assume this is "workable" at the moment on Plasma 5? If so, I will give it a try on my unstable system.

Best regards.

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