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Hi all !

I installed Manjaro i3 community edition yesterday and I got some issues (graphical glitches on my laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 2500U & Radeon Vega GFX) that I fixed thanks to forum threads by installing the LTS Kernel (it works perfectly).

To install that kernel I looked for the number of the latest version (5.4.54) and then followed wiki instructions : sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux54 rmc

My question is, is that the good way to get the LTS kernel ? Isn't there any way to switch to the LTS kernel ? I mean, it will never be updated in that way true ?

Thx for your answers,


PS : I really enjoy my Manjaro-I3 experience ! It runs so fast and smooth <3


You can also use pacman -S linux-lts to get always the latest major LTS Kernel updates.
And yes it is good way, like you Described above.

But this is a long time the 5.4 Kernel will be maintained 5 + years :crazy_face::smile::wink:


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Ok thanks ! It's more to understand the system than to fix something, I saw 5.4 Kernel is maintained until 2025.

To summarize, two options if I want LTS Kernel :

  • Install manually the LTS Kernel with mhwd-kernel -i linux54 rmc
  • Install the linux-lts with pacman pacman -S linux-lts

And the last option allow me to get my kernel updated when I update the system with pacman -Syu ?

This happen always on both options :slight_smile:

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Sure - I find 5.4 gives me the best overall stability even with an i3-4130 cpu/graphics.

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