Switching branches issue

Hey guys,

Hope this is the right place to ask, tell me if it isn't.

I installed Manjaro a week or so ago, and switched branches to Testing following the official docs, and manually checked that /etc/pacman.conf is set to Testing.

However, I'm not sure whether this has worked, looking at the Spyder package versions, my version comes from the Community repo, rather than from the Community-Testing one. I've checked with Pamac, and with pacman in the terminal, and no amount of syncing mirrorlists and updating packages makes my system want to update Spyder to the Community-Testing version.

Am I misunderstanding how the branches work on Manjaro, or is the Switching branches doc obsolete?


You are looking at Arch repos, not Manjaro repos, not the same.

Even unstable (MJO) only mirrors Arch Stable, not Arch testing.

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I'm sure I've read and processed that information while installing Manjaro, don't know how I managed to spend so much time fixing a non-issue... Thanks!

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