Switching from Manjaro to Windows

I switched from Windows 10 to Manjaro and I want to switch back, mainly because I can't play most of my games with Linux. I already have a 8GB USB with Windows 10 on it. However, it's not an ISO. Just an EXE. I can use Wine to launch it, and when click install on the Windows 10 pop-up, it gives an error message saying that Windows cannot find a location to store temporary files. I tried running BIOS and selecting the USB, but that told me to use Rufus. I installed and launched Rufus with Wine. I cannot select a device on Rufus though, as when I click on it, nothing happens. I'm stuck with Manjaro, not being able to play most of my games

I am not sure what you have on your USB, but it isn't what you need. Download a Windows ISO or find a windows machine and use the windows media creation tool.

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I guess you just downloaded media creation tool, which is an executable file and doesn't work on linux. Go to this site and download the ISO with windows on it. Then use this app to load your windows into your pendrive. Your bios should recognise windows installer this time.

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Unless they have changed it recently, you can't use etcher on Linux to create a bootable Windows USB.

You need to use woeusb or do it manually.

Warning!!! Using DD to create a boot able Windows Install USB can be dangerous if the user don't know what they are doing. Safer to use a Linux Native USB Flasher or DVD Burning software then DD.

Normally I would agree... but the user is wanting to return to the Windows world so they should already be afeared. :scream_cat:

I mean what could be more scary than using an OS that openly harvests all your user data, is rampant with malware and virii, and is a huge risk of leaving you compromised for identity theft.

I find windlows far more to worry about than an errant dd command. But sure, dd can be scary too. :man_shrugging:


I do like Manjaro/Linux, but not many games support Linux which is a real problem

Do You use Steam? If you already own Windows games from Steam, those that support Linux you have those versions. Plus Proton which is Steam's improved version of Wine, just works with a lot of Windows Titles.

Yes, I've tried the Proton, but alot of my games just simply won't launch, and EAC won't allow me to play online

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EAC? What is EAC?

Easy Anti-Cheat

Bummer. However Proton does allow for many Windows games to play online.

I would suggest the Windows forums might be the proper place to seek support.


I got the ISO on the USB with Etcher. I then went into BIOS and selected to boot from the USB, but it boots up Manjaro and nothing happens

Download live Linux boot it, open gparted and delete all partitions and format the disk then boot win iso.

Made a post on there

Follow the tutorial below.


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I'm not understanding what you mean

I understand you have just Linux on your HDD. You need to have some place to install Windows.

So I used WoeUSB to get the Windows 10 ISO on the USB. Now there's two folder, "Boot" and "Rufus." What am I suppose to do next with that?

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