Switching from Manjaro to Windows

Do You use Steam? If you already own Windows games from Steam, those that support Linux you have those versions. Plus Proton which is Steam's improved version of Wine, just works with a lot of Windows Titles.

Yes, I've tried the Proton, but alot of my games just simply won't launch, and EAC won't allow me to play online

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EAC? What is EAC?

Easy Anti-Cheat

Bummer. However Proton does allow for many Windows games to play online.

I would suggest the Windows forums might be the proper place to seek support.


I got the ISO on the USB with Etcher. I then went into BIOS and selected to boot from the USB, but it boots up Manjaro and nothing happens

Download live Linux boot it, open gparted and delete all partitions and format the disk then boot win iso.

Made a post on there

Follow the tutorial below.


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I'm not understanding what you mean

I understand you have just Linux on your HDD. You need to have some place to install Windows.

So I used WoeUSB to get the Windows 10 ISO on the USB. Now there's two folder, "Boot" and "Rufus." What am I suppose to do next with that?

The best way to create a Windows 10 boot image:
is to download the iso image from the Microsoft side and burn this image to a Blu-Ray 25GB.

I recommend to install Windows and Linux parallel.

If you are really struggling that much after the solution has been given to you, it would be better to take the PC to a local repair shop and have them reinstall windows for you.


Perhaps you could set up a dual boot and use Linux for your work, and switch to Windows for play? As others point out, Windows has more deliberate holes than a colander, and is not very stable either. Another way to go would be to use a VM like VirtualBox and install a Linux distro with a lightweight GUI like LXDE for working, which would allow you to do things without rebooting.

A user that can't even figure out how to install Windoze, is hardly likely to be able to grasp how to set up a proper dual boot.

Why oh why is this thread even still alive on a Linux forum. If you want to install Windoze and still can't manage it after all the good advice you've been given here then take it to a repair shop or go waste peoples time on a Windows support forum.

I've still got Windows 95 on 27 floppy disks I can lend you if you really need Windows that badly. :smile:


Apparently, etcher doesn't work anymore, my bad for misleading you.
To make a bootable usb:

  1. Mount your USB stick (>=8gb is recommended),
  2. Go to Disks -> Select mounted USB -> Click three dots on the right top corner,
  3. Format disk [only(select MBR/DOS option in Format disk prompt but don't add any additional partition apart from it)],
  4. Go to Add/Remove Software and build WoeUSB (if it doesn't appear on the list make sure AUR support is enabled in the settings),
  5. Turn on WoeUSB -> Select Windows ISO in the From a disk image(iso) section,
  6. Set file system to NTFS -> Select Targeted Device to your usb,
  7. Press Install.


  • Don't panic if it looks like it's stuck and you get a prompt "Program is not responding" this process took me about an hour on a slow pendrive.
  • If "Installing for i386-pc platform" prompt will take more than 10 minutes just cancel it and try to run the installer(it should work regardless).
  • Legacy didn't work for me so be sure to select UEFI one during installation.
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I can create bootbale windows easy with WoeUSB, dont forget format with GPT if you use UEFI bios and format with NTFS.

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