Switching from zsh to bash can break Manjaro Gnome 20 in VM

I installed the new Manjaro Gnome 20.0.3 on the Virtualbox. Then I tested to switch from zsh to bash using the command line chsh -s /bin/bash, and then I log out. But after the login screen is frozen. I turned off VM, then Manjaro starts, but only black screen in VM, I can not see the login.

Sry for my bad English

Seems like an interesting issue. Not sure how that could happen. Login shell is a user level setting, it shouldn't be possible for it to affect the whole VM. On that black screen, can you open a console with ctrl+alt+f3?

I can open a console with ctrl+alt+f3 in my system, not VM

Okay, are you using VMware, virtualbox or something else?

Edit: reread OP, virtualbox...

Yes, Oracle Virtualbox, because I did not know about the command line chsh what it works. That is why I tested it on my Virtualbox. Oh danger

When you get to console, check

systemctl status gdm


pgrep xorg

The console opens only in my system. VM can not, because it shows only black screen. I can not access it with my keyboard.

Can you test it on your VM?

  • install Manjaro Gnome 20.03 on Virtualbox
  • switch zsh to bash with the command chsh -s /bin/bash, you will see whats happen

Did you try the instructions in the link and press Right ctrl+f3?

I can't test it at the moment and I hasn't done it in past when I've done it.

Switching from zsh to bash works fine on my VM after the restarting of my system.

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