Switching to LightDM instead of SDDM

What is involved in switching KDE/Plasma5 Manjaro machine to LightGM instead of SDDM?

Is it simply an install of LightDM?
Is it easy to switch back and forth?

assuming you have both of them installed (if not sudo pacman -S lightdm)
sudo systemctl disable sddm-plymouth
sudo systemctl enable lightdm-plymouth

if you do not have plymouth installed the -plymouth part
to reset to the original simply do the same but change the disable with enable(and the oposite)

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Thanks, that worked, (note typo in first suso command (should be sddm).

Switching to lightdm allowed me to manage virtualbox vms from a ssh session or a (ctrl-alt-f2) console. SDDM would not allow that.

When VMs were started under sddm they didn't even show as running in consol session. If I started them in consoles, graphical sessions did not see them as running. And starting them via systemd was out of the question till I got this issue fixed.

It was getting dangerous, as virtualbox would allow you to launch the same vm that was already running - I trashed a vm twice this way and had to restore backups.

In This Post, this behavior was confirmed by another user, and attributed to sddm.

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sorry mate i fixed it

And true to form, when pointing out a typo, one will create a typo.
I believe this is called Muphry's Law.

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