Symlink Erased

Hi everyone
i was linking folders and things from a home part of another distro to manjaro,
i make ln -s $x ~/$y but i check the links and its like i dont know how to use them yet, anyway. I do '$rm' over a symlink in ~/$y and... voila, i erase the folder on $x path to ...
how can i recover that? just with testdisk? or is there other way?
hope someone can help me.
thanks for reading!

Did you remove the symlink, or the directory which was symlinked?

hi, the symlink and it erase the folder too

Deleting a symlink does not delete the target file or directory.

However, if you deleted the target directory then your only option is data recovery.

ok thanks for answer but its rare at least
i just erase the symlink and now i dont found the target.. but ok, was nothing important but for learn more about testdisk i going to try recover it...
thanks a lot @jonathon
have a nice day

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