Synaptic unable to query device sometimes stops Dell XPS 13 booting

Simply delete the ath10k folder in /lib/firmware then do a reinstall of the linux-firmware package. That should clean up the first bit about not finding firmware.

As for the synaptics issue, that should not prevent a boot, and it might be just a random message that just happened to occur next.

I'm not sure either of these are the cause.
It might be worth while when you are about to reboot to whip out your cell phone camera, and do what ever is necessary to watch the scrolling of boot messages and take a picture of it when it stops scrolling.

You might be able to find something in journalctl with a command
journalctl -b-1
which you would do once you successfully boot when the PRIOR boot attempt locked up on you. Then scroll to the bottom of the messages spit out by that command and you may see something clueful in there.

That doesn't exist anywhere in this world.

That whole message looks suspect, firmware is misspelled. And QCA7174 may also be a typo.
It looks like the result of someone manually configuring a driver or hacking above one's pay grade.

There are hits in google for ath10k_pci (which is handled by QCA6174 in Manjaro repositories)

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