Syncthing-GTK has broken with latest stable update

Hi, with latest stable update Syncthing-GTK is not showing anything inside its UI, nor even starts the syncthing daemon, and also doesn't show the "Starting daemon" notification when opening the app.

I'm using Manjaro Mate with latest stable updates. 3 Laptops affected and 1 Desktop.

Starting syncthing-GTK by CLI does not add any useful information.

This is the only error i receive (by CLI, using -d flag for debug)

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/syncthing_gtk/", line 398, in _request_config
    RESTRequest(self, "system/config", self._syncthing_cb_config, self._syncthing_cb_config_error).start()
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/syncthing_gtk/", line 1045, in __init__
    self.connect("event", self._socket_event)
TypeError: argument connectable: Expected Gio.SocketConnectable, but got unicode

Any help/clue?

Thank you.

That's strange. I'm using Syncthing-GTK on both KDE Plasma and MATE latest stable version without any problems. Did you happen to do anything else other than just update system?

I was provisioning them with Ansible, some packages like vim, ruby, some gems and the own Ansible itself. But that wasn't in that moment, was 2 days ago.

I just update those computers and after rebooting Syncthing GTK does not show anything just a white window with the title bar intact and showing nothing else.

In one comp I have 4.15.7 Kernel and in other the 4.14 lts latest series, but i have the same issue so don't think it's related to, just was pointing it.

I'll upload an image of the windows as soon as i can.

I'll try also asap to uninstall and install again, but i think it won't work.

Here's the image of the window.Captura%20de%20pantalla%20-2018-03-07%2018-38-57

It seems the fix will be available soon.


Oh, thank you buddy. I passed out by github first, before posting here, but i didn't find none related issue opened of this kind.

It seems i searched so bad.

Many thanks for your support & time.

I apologize.

Kind regards.

Oh, now I see, I was searching on opened issues, and this is closed.


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