Synthing automatisch starten bij opstart pc

Ik wil Syncthing automatisch laten starten bij opstart pc,ik heb dit uiteraard al geprobeerd via sessie en opstart maar het lukt niet.Hoe krijg ik dat voor mekaar ?
Alvast bedankt.
Groeten .

Please forgive me if I did not correctly understand what you want to do, but as far as I can read this you want to let syncthing start automatically after logging in.

Here is what I did to make syncthing autostart as soon as I log in with my user:

Install syncthing, open a terminal and type the following:

systemctl --user start syncthing

This will start syncthing now as a user service instead of a system service.
This only lasts until you reboot or logout though.

If everything went well and syncthing started, now you need to tell syncthing to start every time you login with your user.

systemctl --user enable synchting

This will make syncthing start as soon as you login with the user you typed the above commands with.

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