System call failed: Structure needs cleaning

I encountered another problem.. This time I cant boot my manjaro anymore...
I can`t say what I did for this except the latest updates with manjaro yesterday...

In this forum I found someone else with this problem, but he had it after a new installation but I dont want to reinstall and reconfigure again everything.. This is already my 10x time with a reinstallation cause of some problems. Finaly I got the most to work as it should and now this... I have some documents on it that I dont want to lose. I just added the new kernel (installed) but on the advanced mode I tried both (the 5.x and 4.18(or 4.19?!? the default one with manjaro 18.03))

Here the picture.

I wonder what those problems were :thinking:
See here

and here

There are a few more entries about Emergency Shell that might be relevant to your problem

The reson for the many installations were the internet connection speed @ slow and so on.

To my actuall problem..
I tried to mount the drive manually with

mount /dev/sda1 new_root

I tried to mount all devices from /dev/ but everytime I got the same message:

new_root: mount point does not exist
and then something with no entry in fstab

Then I encountered this sollution and helped me too:

Still ty for the help.

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Good, that means the search forum works and you did your investigation :wink:

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I did searching for MY problem but the most of them had another key problem.
I just had luck to find this tool for windows that can fix multiple things.
Still ty for the link.

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