System freezes Manjaro kde

Most of the time When I have two or three task open in the background , and I click on any button on the active screen , a lot of time the system freezes and Keyboard , mouse nothing works and the theier is no update on the screen, I.e. Complete freeze.

Their is only one option to fix this , I.e. Shutdown/Restart right now for me.

This issue was also faced when no background apps were their and I was backing up on timeshift and after some 10-12 minutes system freezed.

Edit : It happened again when I was using Figma + Chrome and when I opened a download by clicking on it , System freezes

System specs:
Manjaro KDE,
Intel q9300, integrated gpu,4GB ram + 4GB swap , already have set vm_swapinness =10

Latest freeze clip, happened when I was using Figma linux :sob: & in the background I was using Chrome + latte dock ....


So I found a fix that is super easy and straight to the point :face_with_monocle: ,

Just degrade your kernel to the latest LTS release and change your kernel to that one from the bios and then just delete your previous kernel if you want ...! PEACE OUT.

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Maybe you mean select desired kernel from grub ?
MSM/mhwd-kernel make it easy to install other kernels.
In general the very newest isnt something to chase unless you have very new hardware that isnt fully supported by previous kernels.

I had this yesterday on 5.7 kernel - opening mpv it froze halfway through the opening animation. Reverted to LTS on next reboot, no problems.

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