System not booting after update: "ERROR: device UUID <ID> not found. Skipping fsck.", dropped into emergency shell

I have this problem too. It gets stuck at the boot splash screen. I can't access any tty. I also just updated the kernel 4.9. My DE is Cinnamon as someone asked for it. I followed the steps in the proposed solution and that solved it.

In Manjaro where it is very easy and costless to keep more than one kernel, it is strongly advised to have at least two kernels installed.
This way, when a kernel update "breaks" your system, you can still boot to the "backup" kernel(s) and troubleshoot/downgrade what broke.

when a kernel update "breaks" your system

is not an unexpected situation in rolling release distributions.

Have a nice day. :evergreen_tree:

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I use kde uefi with 4.9 kernel. I have managed to repair it with instructions above. Thank you.


I got the same problem (also on a Dell laptop from 4.9 kernel) and here're my two cents.

I fixed the problem by updating the kernel version. I chose the latest version "randomly", just to try.
It's now running with 4.17 but should also works with 4.14 (recommended by manjaro tool).

The steps are the same as previously, except that when you're in the chroot, you don't install the previous kernel version but a new one:

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux417

Then you can reboot and it should be ok.

Hope that helps!

this isn't always a good option: i was on 4.9 because that's the newest one that doesn't have the baytrail cstates bug on that machine. i'll have to drop to 4.4 (which i might have had to do anyway; 4.4 is getting longer lts than 4.9)

Thanks @benob . Saved my day.

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Thanks for the solution. Worked for me.

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Same issue here with linux 4.9 but out of curiosity, this happens with unstable repos, isn't it ?

Nope. At least, not for me (no testing/unstable repos).

What if the pamac cache is empty?

Can I install anothe kernel version safely?

Others report different kernels working fine:

I have the same problem and I haven't tried the solutions above yet, but I want to contribute with a screenshot of the screen with the error that showed up here.

I'm using Kernel 4.9 too. Error after an update yesterday.
I'm using Cinnamon. Dual-boot with Windows 10. Windows working ok.
(same as OP)

Updated this morning, and found the same issue. I will attempt what was described in the above posts, and report back here for others in the future.


Thanks to all who help on here. I love the Manjaro community!

If the screenshots provide no further information then there's no need to upload screenshots.

There appears to be an issue with 4.9.106. Switch to a different kernel series or downgrade to 4.9.105.

You all do have two kernel series installed for this exact situation, right?

I have no other kernels installed and haven't updated to 4.9.106 yet. Can't I just edit pacman.conf and ignore linux49 for this update?

If you haven't installed 4.9.106 then you don't have the above issue. You can avoid it however you want. I'd still strongly recommend you install a second kernel.

OK, sorry for the unnecessary info. I am unsure about the 2 kernels. I will look into that once I am back into the system.

No worries. It's great that you want to help, you just have to keep in mind whether a post is essentially just a "me too +1".

Exactly. There's no reason to upgrade to 4.9.106 and then have to downgrade back to where I already am if I can avoid it. I will then install 4.14.48. It seems to be the best choice of the kernels available.

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Same problem, same solution. Thanks @benob and @marcottedan!

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