System not booting up after system update

Hi everyone,
After updating the system (kernel and several other packages) the system is not working. It stops on the Manjaro logo..
Pressing some keys I get the following message


Any idea what's happened and what can I do?

I've no idea how to approach the problem so I don't know what other info can be helpful to you.
Thanks in advance for any help

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Sweet.. I don't have a another pc to use yet.. so I'll try it as soon as I can. Thanks so much for the solution.

Is there a way, after I recover my pc, I can run the update without compromising the system?

Hopefully there will be no other issue, but issues might come, or be encountered at each update for different reasons (but to avoid that many of us use the unstable and testing repos so we can catch and report issues that might come and be fixed for stable). This particular issue was not seen before as is strict to nvme0 devices. Best practice to be prepared with a live media install just in case.

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Best practice to be prepared with a live media install just in case.

This is definitely my take note from this thread. Thanks again for tips and help :wink:

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If you're able to downgrade the kernel, don't update kernel 4.9 again until you're sure that this problem has been fixed. You could install another kernel instead.

It's a good practice to have more than one kernel installed, in case there's a problem like this. Also, there are programs like Timeshift that make it easy to backup system files. Then if there's a bad update you can quickly restore your system to a previous state.


And another kernel. :slight_smile:


OT: how can I keep installed more then one kernel? Nevertheless how can I decide which one to use, manually via the bootloader screen?

Install it via Manjaro Settings Manager and you can select whatever is installed from Grub Boot Menu

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I managed to fix the issue we had with linux49. Fixed package is uploaded to our testing branch.


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