System receives left-arrow key constantly [CLOSED]

This fault seems to have suddenly developed overnight: in my web browser, my file browser, and in every program I've tested thus far, the program acts as if I am constantly pressing my left arrow key - which has all sorts of unwanted consequences. This still happens if I try another keyboard - or even with no keyboard attached.
Trying xev -event keyboard registers no stray keyboard events.
My inxi -Fxzc0

I'm using i3 on an Architect install which has been (almost) fault free for over a year. The most recent change to the system was updating the kernel to the new 5.4 lts - I reverted to 5.3, but the fault persists.

EDIT: Well, I had no luck with any of the solutions offered here - thanks to y'all anyway - so I decided to bite the bullet and do what I've been putting off for a while: a full Arch install - the Archway.
So -thanks for all the fish, and goodbye! It's been fun and instructive, but I'm off...

Have you tried replacing your keyboard?

I know - laptop - but usually such events like a stuck key happens overnight - and with a desktop system the only real good test is replacing keyboard.

Yep - as stated above. It also occurs without any keyboard attached...

Boot your install media, does the fault continue?

What sort of keyboard is it?

It works perfectly well in the live media I've booted with.
The keyboard appears to be immaterial - it persists with my spare, and ven with no keyboard.

you'll need to eliminate all other USB devices too. disconnect them one by one next time it happens. you already know it's not the keyboard so obviously keep that plugged in. If any are wireless devices check the batteries (try new ones) and make sure there's nothing obstructing the signal to the receiver too.

I haven't used i3 in years, do you have another desktop installed (or can you install one temporarily, something light weight - lxde/lxqt).

If that works, pare back your i3 config and start adding bits back to see if something is causing it. Bit of a detective work needed.......

Someone recently had this issue with a broken nvidia driver
(how it was related or how they managed it .. I dont know)
Full sync/update and force (re)install the proper nvidia driver from mhwd or manjaro settings manager .. and apparently fixed.

Oh here it is ..

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