TaskBar startmenu/Popups Misbehaving.

Hello! Giving Kde Manjaro a try & after installing updates. Most of,Well no all of the taskbar menu pop ups seem to be misaligned or un-docked far away from the taskbar.

Check out screenshots. Is there a way to lock em? ;-; 12xcxc Btw The Placement is Random.Along with making the Kde volume Icon popup much larger. :thinking:11121 1212331 23232(1) 323x

I have posted about this On the kde forums as well. I have tried another arch based Os as well.
Same results,Something after updating is causing this,And it has gotten even worse,It's mutating.
Here are more pix's. No more Kde For me I guess. Perhaps a Kde bug report if need be. Seen some what similar posts.

Kde Post


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