Telegram-desktop doesn't work

Hello all!

My telegram-desktop client is dead... Actually, it worked until recently and worked well. But a couple of days ago, he stopped connecting to the network. The computer is connected by a cable. On a laptop with Windows 10 and on two Android phones, telegram works perfectly both on Wi-fi and on the mobile network (we are talking about phones, of course).
I can't figure out what could have caused this app to fail.

Hi. Maybe you need to set up a proxy server in Telegram client advanced settings. There are some free proxy servers you can find in the net.


It's a way, but not for now coz it won't connect through app w/ and w/o proxy. From my browser, I can connect to through the VPN, but not from desktop app.
I'm trying to understand why this app fails down, and how to get it back to work.

  1. Ensure that your VPN is working as "some countries" block Telegram (the most ironic being the country where Telegram was created! :wink: :grin: )

  2. Go to a terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T and execute:


That should just launch telegram so that it works OR report the issue why it doesn't.

Problem solved!

I'd delete telegram-desktop from standart repository and install it as Snap-package. And all work well now.
But I still want to know why it had doesn't work before.

Just in case, I use Hamsket for all my messengers.

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