Teminal and colored emojis

After a upgrade, some text editors and file managers closes almost instantly on opening and previewing text files with colored emojis inside.
Before the upgrade i was able to open and preview these same text files with the same applications listed below.


terminal: ST
editor: vim, nano
file managers: vifm, ranger, lf, nnn
Emoji font installed: Emojione (installed at distro install), noto-fonts-emoji (installed at 2019/04/01)

  • If i do the same task with others terminal emulators (urxvt, xterm), the file is opened or previewed but none emoji is visible.
  • If i do the same task with GUI applications (sublime-text, mousepad) , the text files are opened and the emojis are visible.
  • Emojis still be visible at i3bar.

The upgrade was at 2019/03/30 ==> PACMAN.LOG at pastebin.com
The .Xresources at pastebin.com
The fonts.conf at pastebin.com

  1. Have you done the update with applications opened ?
  2. Did you reboot after the update was finished ?

My suggestion:

  1. avoid that
  2. always
  1. Yes, the ST terminal was open while the upgrade was in progress because i did a command-line request.
  2. No. I did the reboot a couple hours later. Maybe 6h ou 8h.
  1. that is acceptable since you did the update trough terminal
  2. should be done right after the update has finished, otherwise some things will fail, so you start doing modifications to "fix" the issue when the only thing you needed was to reboot the machine.

I guess, after you restarted, all was back to normal (if you didn't start making modifications)

Now i will remember always to reboot after a update.
Learning by mistakes :smiley: :sob:
Today is the 4th day and the issue continue. I do not know where to start researching the source of the problem.

Things I've done so far:

  • Install another font
  • Reinstall ST terminal

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