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Agreed on Ballmer. Remember BOGUS?

As far as modern, current geniuses, I would add Ikey. I don't need to mention his last name. Anyone in the know, knows who Ikey is. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Agreed on Crowley. I'm American, but got into reading about all that crap in the '70s.

Crowley is regarded as evil only by those who don’t understand his doctrine or the man himself. It’s convenient to label someone as evil, or wicked, when they don’t fit into your ideals. Fear is the great finger pointer and he scared the heck out of a lot of people. His views on sexuality alone were enough to give him a reputation as a deviant and dangerous man. He also loved to mess with the minds of others, and often made tongue in cheek comments, or wrote easily misunderstood essays to confuse those not in the loop. Those who consider Crowley evil, should compare him to some of the other contemporaries of his age, such as Hitler, Stalin, Himmler, Goebbels, and a whole lot of other people who did real and actual harm.

Aleister Crowley wasn’t evil. He was a lot of things, to be sure, but evil was not one of them. Those who persist in that thought are welcome to it.

Ikey rings a bell, but I've no idea. I can't recall where I've heard that name.

The '70s (thanks for illustrating correct syntax!) was full of "all that crap". The '60's survivors were lost and still searching for a meaning. Colin Wilson was the only person who made any sense to me. The Philosopher's Stone being the main thing I refer to: Existentialism and the "interconnectiveness of every thing eg the "spider's web consciousness". Something to chew on. :wink:

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Oh for sure. He pales in the shadow of those that you have mentioned.

As an aside, I went to Hiroshima, to the Peace Park. A very moving experience. And you know why the USA decided to unleash that bomb, and the one on Nagasaki? They wanted to end the war, yeah. And the reason they wanted to end the war? It was costing too much money.

If you want to look into evil, then surely money is worth looking at. But looking beyond that, what does money bring? Security yes, because our society is run upon money. But above all else it brings power, and therein lies the weakness in humanity: the desire for power. Power corrupts those unable to wield it, and are there any amongst us who can?

At this point I suggest a read or reread of Lord Of The Rings (Book preferably, Movie optional). :slightly_smiling_face:

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie

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Thanks for that. I've just read the Wiki. If it was not for people's pioneering work we would not be here on this forum today and computing and even society would not be the same. Big respect. :smile:

Yes I was fond of using ReiserFS back in the day as well. Last I read he was due to get out of prison fairly soon and he was working on an update to ReiserFS to complete missing elements of his FS.

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Isn't he calling this release "Jail Break"?


I read it twice, but I'm only about halfway through The Wheel of Time - book 6 itself is 1200 pages and there's over 8000 pages left.

Not much time to re-read anything as there are more new books than I can possibly get through.

I suggest you read A Man Called Ove :wink: and watch the movie afterwards because it's okay, but very different.

ReiserFS5 released Dec 2019:


Apparently it's not scheduled for inclusion in the kernel. Perhaps a change to the FS name might speed that along. Being named after a convicted murderer hasn't exactly helped with its acceptance.


This reminds me of one of my favourite composers of classical music: Carlo Gesualdo. He murdered his wife and her lover, but that does not prevent me from enjoying the beautiful music he composed. I can appreciate his music because I can separate the man from his art, and from his crime.


I'm impressed - he's in my 'chilled' playlist.

The "Michael Jackson" of classical music? Love the music, hate the musician? :wink:

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Also watch:

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