Temporary Artix support thread

This is a temporary thread for those needing help with Artix.

Just as a reminder, Artix is not Manjaro. Artix may or may not be ready for use by you.

This thread will be closed as soon as there's an official Artix support channel.


Hi artoo!
I tried the available ISO images for artix linux....but...
the CD wont start at all. "Cannot display that video mode" is the only message I get.
Any suggestions? :sob:

Why post here Post at Artix or on the Artix IRC they are fast with help

Hellow Roberto, can you write the steps to install plasma in Artix?
do you speak Spanish?

do you mean here?

please give us the links you are talking about and we can stick them in the first post...


Not all Users use, or are aware of IRC channels, believe it or not, unless of course they're the non-hand-held type, which Artix likely prefers right now, for obvious reasons.
So havning a small but more "familiar" Thread for those needing help with Artix is a nice gesture on Manj's part, atleast until Artix gets a decent User Forum/Discussion outlet.
...that's my take on this.


Hello artoo, we want an Artix .iso with plasma or instructions on how to install plasma. How can we help make this possible?

artix is not manjaro? :slight_smile: what is it :stuck_out_tongue:

sudo pacman -S plasma-desktop (min)
" " "" -S plasma ( all you need)
sudo pacman -S plasma-meta

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it's a arch variant with open-rc as init

I am on artix openrc that all you need
if you install artix

First install artix.iso which will give you a openrc base and arch extra & community
then install plasma

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Yes its active till a forum proper is running and they answer quite fast as well.
But really if users ask how to install Plasma should they really be using Artix at this time,

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Well...until right now I got no reaction on my post on http://systemd-free.org/comments.php... :roll_eyes:

Try the Arch Wiki.

Jesus Christ, eugen-b.

Don't listen to him, kid! It's a TAARP!

Edit: Oh, the wiki. I thought you were sending him to their support forum. :rofl:

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Or you can follow your own wiki and mix everything up:

System: Host: locala-pc Kernel: 4.9.42-1-MANJARO x86_64 (64 bit gcc: 7.1.1) Desktop: N/A Distro: Artix rolling
Info: Processes: 133 Init: runit Gcc sys: 7.1.1 Client: Shell (zsh 5.4.1) inxi: 2.3.27

      │          │       └─svlogd
      │          ├─runsv─┬─VBoxService───7*[{VBoxService}]
      │          │       └─svlogd
      │          ├─runsv───login───zsh───sudo───lightdm─┬─Xorg───3*[{Xorg}]
      │          │                                      ├─lightdm─┬─sh───xfce4-session─┬─Thunar
      │          │                                      │         │                    ├─xfce4-panel─┬─panel-2-actions
      │          │                                      │         │                    │             ├─panel-6-systray
      │          │                                      │         │                    │             └─2*[{xfce4-panel}]
      │          │                                      │         │                    ├─xfce4-terminal─┬─zsh───pstree
      │          │                                      │         │                    │                ├─zsh
      │          │                                      │         │                    │                └─4*[{xfce4-terminal}]
      │          │                                      │         │                    ├─xfdesktop───3*[{xfdesktop}]
      │          │                                      │         │                    ├─xfwm4
      │          │                                      │         │                    └─2*[{xfce4-session}]
      │          │                                      │         └─2*[{lightdm}]
      │          │                                      └─2*[{lightdm}]
      │          ├─runsv─┬─dbus-daemon
      │          │       └─svlogd
      │          └─runsv───agetty
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I don't think you will nor here till you give some better information, what you have tried come on nobody can read your mind or know what you have do or know what you are trying to install on, Like did you use a USB what did you use DD? or what GUI did you use, the make and model of Laptop/Desktop, the more info you give the more response you get "If the user can't be bothered why should anybody else",
This is not personal in any way I did the same many years ago and got that answer on a forum, so I asked the correct way and it worked try it

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