Temporary Artix support thread

Thanks, so do I have to wait when it's available for downloading?

What? It's already available. Just download the net install iso (lxqt) and then after you booted in it, choose the plasma packages from the calameres installer


Nice :grin:

In terms of package updates, will Artix follow Arch the same way Manjaro does, or will it follow Manjaro with a lag, or will it follow Arch some other way?

They follow arch stable

Ah, cool; but how closely? I mean, is it like Manjaro where all updates will be bunched and released once every 2-3 weeks? Or will one get updates as soon as they come into Arch(stable), without testing in the middle?

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Full of questions aren't ya?

All packages that in arch stable immediately will be pushed to artix repo as soon as possible, unless there are some packages that needs to be rebuilt without systemd dependency. They are going through to testing repo first before pushed to stable


There is simply not much information I can add..I downloaded an ISO, burned a DVD and tried to boot my desktop PC from it. Any suggestions? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That is like saying I bought a car drove it it stopped what is wrong with it,
What I will say if on windows use rufus burn to usb in dd mode, and see what happens.
Without info nobody can really help you
I'm not being sarcastic or unhelpful just advising you that you have to help to be helped?


I bought a USB, crashed an ISO into it, and now, the insurance won't cover the body damage to it.

The message seems actually to be

Cannot display this video mode

Try to enter it in a search engine of your choice and see if you find a solution.

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Thank you, eugen-b.
I will try that. :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe something useful shows up...

If I'm migrating from Manjaro, do I have to change my 'extra' and 'community' repos to those of Arch? Or can I leave them pointed to Manjaro repos?

Change them to arch or manjaro unstable
Arch would be better

Why is Arch preferable? What all will I have to do to switch to Arch?

  • Change mirror list to Arch's
  • Import Arch keyring

Anything else? I suppose doing this will break a few packages that Manjaro has in its repos, but Arch doesn't, like firefox-kde. I'll have to pull and compile it from the AUR. Is it advisable to compile firefox? (I have a 2-core laptop) Also, a couple of other packages.

Did you read the official artix migration guide?

Yes, I did. In it, it says I can have either Arch's or Manjaro's extra and community repos. But if I use Manjaro's then that will put them out of sync, and into un-tested regimes, no?

What?? From where did you conclude that? I use Artix repo with manjaro repos enabled (unstable) and there are no out-of-sync here whatsoever

You seem to have the balls to assume that. Why don't you try use that to migrate into Artix with Arch repo enabled? All it takes switching manjaro mirrorlist into arch with arch's finest mirrorlist generator

You can wait until someone else tests and posts. A few tests have been done, for @thefallenrat it works, but I would second him to use Manjaro's unstable branch. But personally I would use Arch and artix repos to avoid complexity. The official philosophy of artix the way I understand it is not to be a nanny system and allow the user break it the way they desire.

Stop getting so worked up; I meant that if I used the current, stable repo, then that would happen. I guess I'll switch to unstable.

Is there anything I have to keep in mind, while switching to unstable? Do I just set the Branch in /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf to unstable, and run an update? Or anything more?

p.s. The IRC channel for Artix: #cromnix is kinda empty; we can talk there.

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