Testers Needed - Just Another Desktop Environment

Hi everyone I am back again to terrorise the community with HTML :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I have been working on a fresh new DE implementing some of my ideas, at the moment there is no release date, I am trying to release something that is as polished as can get it, and not some tech concept like last time, Code base and a Manjaro profile is not available yet, I also have the goal to provide a better integration with Manjaro itself.

It will come with its own session manager, Tint2 and probably Mutter as the window manager, applications will be a mix of QT and GTK.

There is some more pictures and a feature list on my github repo, video and testing image available below.


Are you going to call it Sardinux, and does the file manager support the fish:// protocol? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

P.S.: Just for the record, I'm not making fun of you, man. Personally, I'm a KDE Plasma guy, but I welcome any and all innovative ideas. :slight_smile:

Diversity has always been one of the strongest selling points of the Free & Open Source Software community ─ there is something here for everyone, regardless of their taste and/or workflow organization. So kudos to you for taking the time and putting in the effort! :+1:


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Thanks for the contribution :wink::+1:


For the sake of good times lets compare with 2017 version :sweat_smile: :joy:

I am a web developer. very suitable for me using manjaro webdad. the colors are made based on html css js. which makes it easy for me to create an html css fan based application but unfortunately I cannot upgrade the application install system. is there any solution?

The packages are not in repos, will post again when there is a profile ready.

Thank you for your response
will there be a system upgrade that I know of manjaro is now v20

System upgrade is not possible, there will be a new release based on latest.

for me it is not very important the upgrade is the most important for me I can install the application because at the moment I am very difficult. to install the vscode text editor

thank you for your response to my question.
I really like DE wabdad because it uses a web base (html, css, javascript)
it is suitable for a web developer like me.
and i installed this os on my pc
but unfortunately I can't install the app because it failed to prepare transactions

if you installed the old image from source forge, you should remove that is an old concept from 2017 based on a old backend that is not maintained anymore and all packages have been removed from the repos, the new version is not packaged yet.

I will make another post when it is available.

Oh, I see. I will wait for the latest.
hopefully it won't slide soon

can this DE be installed on
gnome desktop. how to install it

Possibly you need to disable desktop icons and whatever else in executing on the desktop background, Not tested.

The package you need is jadesktop only available on unstable.

when the webdad project that you are working on will be finished. I can not wait to feel your great work

It should be finished 10days ago for alpha testing, it will be ready when I solve all the issues and I am happy with the results, unfortunately everything takes time but I appreciate your enthusiasm :slightly_smiling_face:

Testers Needed.
I am happy to say that the first webdad iso-profile is now available to build.

A few known issues:
VM do not have hardware acceleration, that will degrade your experience, due to the same issue that VM is enable to do repaints using accelerated animations on transparent backgrounds, I had to put a fake background on the desktop, now that won't be visible if you install in the VM meaning that you will get screen tearing, works fine on real hardware.

Also you cannot change the background on the VM unless you install.
The desktop and wallpaper won't resize if you change resolution.
There is no multi-monitor support.

Thank you for testing it in advance, please report any findings.:bug: :smiley:



EDIT: My previous errors were due to trying to build against the stable branch.

I still am hitting error: target not found: whatsapp-web-jak though.

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You need to build from unstable:

buildiso -p webdad -b unstable

It might not have reached your mirrors yet, try German ones, or simply remove that package.

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I removed whatsapp-web-jak, as I have no use for it, and it built just fine!

==> Done [Build ISO]
--> Time compress_images: 13.63 minutes
==> Finished building [webdad]
--> Time make_profile: 36.60 minutes


Edit: @codesardine spent a little while poking around and testing my normal day to day usage.


Overall: This is really cool. It feels like it would be perfect on a chromebook or tablet. I really enjoy this flow and need to get it on bare metal for some daily usage and testing.

  • Swipe to access menus is really convenient. The settings panel as a whole is excellent. Did not test the inspector yet.
  • The text-to-speech notifications are kind of jarring and interrupt music playback. I wasn't able to find the off button.
  • AUR access warning on cli & gui level is really smart here
  • It was no problem building spotify, chromium-widevine and, netflix-qdesktop
  • I got a couple low battery notifications on my desktop, maybe to do with vm
  • MOOD BACKGROUND! This is really cool. It actually helps cover the screen tearing in the vm but pegged the cpu.
  • Tint2 panel and configuration is really nice (although I did feel the stock wallpaper combined with the right corner anchored panel made it feel unbalanced)

And it actually just dawned on me that when combined with the discover service and something like the star lite mk II this can be really consumer friendly.

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