Testing and trimming the new Openbox Edition

Would like to have pull requests?

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Having some trouble setting a monospaced font to rofi (for networkmanager_dmenu):


The included adapta theme seems to have some glitches:


I feel that having both oblogout and rofi exit thing is too much. Oblogout in super+x should be enough.

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First, I'm more then happy that you do this.

The Openbox edition was my reason for choosing Manjaro, and till this day, I'm using the installation from around 2013 (IIRC), with Openbox.

So big Thank you for working on this.

Some issues:
I tried to install the iso on a virtualbox, and "install architect" didn't open. Had to use the calamares.

Also in a virtual machine, on the liveCD the window is too small and Calamares' buttons are mostly hidden so the text is not visible.
I added a screenshot to show the problem.

In addition, I'd like to share my (min) list of "must have" , things I like to add to my installations, if its not already there:

Pamac (with proper authentication), tint2, leafpad (I like to have a simple text editor, in addition to something like Jeanie), nitrogen, and customized actions on Thunar: "open as root" and "open terminal here".


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Yes, I had that problem, really small window, I muddled through. I then posted about the guest iso as I thought that was the problem....

@linux-aarhus - thought it was just me. Perhaps you should do a quick Vbox test install?

:Edit: Just loaded the bspwm minimal iso in vbox - no problems, runs full screen, will install it later.

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@Monro @xircon

I only modify the live-overlay and the Desktop-Packages soI don't know what causes this since it is the mhwd part that contains the virtualbox-guest-iso and that is identical for all editions.

This is what I see when I launch the iso in VB - tiny window cannot resize:

This is what I see with the bspwm minimal:

Something funny going on......

If you resize your VB window while booting the VM then it adapts to the window size so I think - it is a kernel - guest utils mismatch - it is build with 415 - and I think it might be that - will try with 414.

What is that environment btw?

Plasma - struggle to run vbox in bspwm, need to look at my rules perhaps, not got the energy today :smiley:

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@linux-aarhus - cannot resize, tried, failed, will not let me.

@xircon @Monro

The resize issue is kernel/driver related and I don't know what it is.

I have been through some tests and build with 4.15 and 4.16 the issue persist but using kernel 4.14 - it just works - so the ISO has been rebuild against 4.14

No problems, as I said I muddled through.

I used the Manjaro-Architect to install the openbox edition in a VM, set the branch to unstable and fired it up. I type this in this install.
When I right-click the desktop and from the menu I choose Preferences -> Appearance I get an error saying:

Failed to execute child process "xfce4-appearance-settings" (no such file or directory)

When using Pamac to install it I see it is not available. Should it be available or didn't I do something during the installation?

The profile is quite unstable - the xfce4-settings has been removed and the menu has changed - the desktop-settings has changed - not sure if I have built the new package yet - will do later - when done with current task :slight_smile:

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In the main menu I see two appearances of File Manager. The top one starts the file-manager, the bottom one the file-manager-preferences. A simple change of the name and done.

That must be the tint panel - am I right ?

No idea how you call it. It's my first time using openbox and I have no idea yet how things are called. It's the menu which appears when clicking the rocket (top-left of the screen) and then hovering a red box with 9 white dots with the text: Other.

OK - it should launch a complete system menu - will check it.

Could also be if you right click it - appearance for the menu can be edited

A minimal OB install On Manjaro can get you under 100mb on startup and about 115mb with non free Nvidia this is 64bt. I will say no more but it is do able,

I know - been there - will do again :slight_smile:

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