Testing and trimming the new Openbox Edition

No idea what happened just now. I wrote already when I clicked the Rocket I would get a menu with a box with 9 dots and the text Other. Hovering that a new menu would open, one column and extremely long containing all items.
I wanted to show that so I installed the xfce Screenshot utility and now when clicking the rocket I get a starting menu organized in groups, more like other DE's have it.
Menu-item Other is now one of the items, where it was the only one.

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A guess would be that it requires time to populate on first run.

That must be why @Chrysostomus recommends another menu - which I will check out - mygtkmenui

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Right-clicking doesn't do anything. I can click as much as I want, nothing appears or starts.

Must be something I have corrected in poly config.

It can be confusing however when right clicking and an editor opens with some text :slight_smile:

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I'm having a problem with this link, namely its giving me an empty folder.

You are right - I am updating the iso ATM - return in 15 minutes a kernel 414 minimal will be available and another 15 a full ISO will be available.

Ah, my timing is perfect as always in other words. I finally notice that you've put something together, and go to download it just as you're working on it.

Oh, and if you haven't already, I might suggest looking at ArchLabs R2D2 which is a really nice Arch OB distro for ideas.

Actually I borrowed a lot from ArchLabs Minimo as mentioned in OP

A minimal iso is now available

Dynamic menu is often slower than a static one (except for rofi and morc_menu). However, I think this might also have to do with the icons. If you set the icon theme in gtk3 settings, the menu opens faster and has icons.

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I started live iso
Booted with en_US language settings and I got some issues with fonts in menu

After installing to hard disk , it is still the same.

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The theming has improved a lot!

I also have the same issue with the panel menu fonts. Also, I still feel that this menu is quite slow to open its submenus.


  • If you use rofi for networkmanager_dmenu, use a monospaced font like terminus to avoid this:
    Rofi cannot align columns without a monospaced font.
  • Chromium looks better in this environment with gtk theme enabled. I achieve this in bspwm edition with manjaro-browser-settigns-native, but you may look into other solutions too (because that package also sets browser to use system titlebars, which might not be ideal in openbox)
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I am missing the source code pro font which the arthur theme uses.
Will add it

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righclick on the rocket


font = Ubuntu ....


font             = Roboto Regular 12px

will fix the profile too


Great looking Openbox. Had the same font problem as above, fixed it. Just exploring the system now. Installed full edition from Manjaro Architect on old HP G62.


The profile has been updated and the settings package has been updated.

A updated iso has been build and is available from location in OP

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I would suggest for the polybar mainmenu one of these:

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I thought of that

Also thought of that

But how to generate the menu? It seems a difficult task to create the menu.

Well, bspwm edition just has a static menu like this:

It is sufficient but has obvious issues.

There used to be a perl script to generate menu for mygtkmenu, but mygtkmenui has slightly different syntax. If you want to have dynamic categorized app menu for it, we could wrote a script for it in bash, or more likely dash. That's probably unnecessary dublication of of effort though.

I think - the openbox menu is the most obvious and - easy choice.

It requires no more apps - in fact remove one :slight_smile:

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