Testing ? Stable-staging ?

Hey guys could you please explain the difference between those 2 branches, I'm kinda lost .

Take a look at the first stable-staging post it is detailed there.

The short version is that for the moment things are moving unstable->testing->stable-staging->stable.

I believe this is because there are some big things being withheld from stable


I can't see stable-staging threads in announcements anymore. Am i missing something or is it the same for you too?

They were moved to #manjaro-development

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  • If you're a N00b or want a stable system: Take Stable
  • If you're a bit of a tinkerer and want the new stuff before the others but don't mind small stuff breaking every now and then: Take Staging
  • If you're a Linux aficionado: Take Testing (but don't whine and complain if stuff breaks for a couple of hours / days depending on your mirror setup, please!)
  • If you're a hacker and developer and want to become member of the Manjaro Team: Take Testing and Stable on different partitions!

:innocent: :grin::+1:

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Bah...unstable is where it is at.


Yep. I like unstable because I get the bugfixes fastest that way :smiley:

I also get the new bugs faster like this, but that is part of the point.


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