[Testing Update] 2017-11-14 - Removal of i686 in Testing Branch

After first reboot the internet seemed down in firefox.
I have a freshly installed Manjaro with M-A on my new SSD.
First DE was xfce. Then after some issues with lightdm I installed GDM and Gnome.
On the notification center the wifi was appearing normal. Though no connection in FF.
I restarted NetworkManager service and connection came back up.
I have FF crash 4 times until now (all of them) trying to go to Manjaro Github page from a bookmarl link (Edit: also the main page of github).
The forum and another (blog) page did not crash FF.
I can't say where all the above come from.

OT: BTW I loved Gnome in Testing and decided to give it a good try for my main DE.

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After first reboot the internet seemed down in firefox.
On the notification center the wifi was appearing normal. Though no connection in FF.

Same here, downgrading to networkmanager-1.8.4-1 solved the issue.
It is not only a DNS problem because ping says explicitly No connection (or similar).

Was the problem insisting after a restart of NM as in mine?

This is a bug on FF 56 that is reported when using addon Background and Light Text (also confirmed for me)

Edit: The developer of the addon fixed the issue in the recent edition (0.6.4) two hours ago. I did a reinstall and the issue is fixed with this addon at least.

I found time to release an actual package changes list for this update ...

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I also had problems with the wifi, couldn't connect. Downgrading networkmanager helped.

For me both sierra WWAN and intel WLAN work.. cant test LAN though.

Which DE do you guys use? KDE is known not to work properly with the new NetworkManager version.

Guilty of using KDE.

I did a second reboot and the network and wifi work fine without downgrading NetworkManager.
I am in Gnome.

@graham_twae could you please try again, to verify the actual nature of this issue?

Upgraded the networkmanager again and did a reboot. After I login the computer fails to connect to the wifi with a "No secrets were provided." notification. After the next reboot the same.

I thought it has something to do with my saved wifi password and deleted the connection, so that I have to enter the password next time I try to connect. Then I rebooted again and tried to connect to my wifi. Of course I have to enter the password again. Now it works. At least till the next reboot.

If I delete my password again and try to connect to the wifi again without rebooting, then it doesn't work, the notifications applet doesn't even show an error. It just doesn't connect. Dmesg looks like this then:

KDE, using

extra/libnm 1.10.0-1
extra/libnm-glib 1.10.0-1
extra/networkmanager 1.10.0-1
extra/networkmanager-openconnect 1.2.4-2
extra/networkmanager-openvpn 1.8.1dev+10+ge4d8cda-1
extra/networkmanager-pptp 1.2.4-2
extra/networkmanager-qt 5.40.0-1
extra/networkmanager-vpnc 1.2.4-2

all works fine, including vpn.
No other issues either. :slight_smile:

I am using KDE, so I will wait for a fix from KDE developers.
I would mark this as not ready for stable branch.

Anyone noticed that moving bookmarks around in Firefox seems kinda broken? I can't move bookmarks from subfolders into others in the dropdown menu.

For me it sometimes works, sometimes not, firefox-kde here.

Not in my Gnome.
Though I just noticed I can't add a second workspace.
I toggled custom/dynamic and there was no response, like I changed nothing :roll_eyes:
Is rebooting an accepted troubleshooting method in Testing??

Ediit: That looks like a joke? or a bug.
I swithed to my second account in xfce and the background wallpaper setting cannot be set independently on 2 workspaces.
Yes I toggled the checkbox "Apply to all workspaces".. Again like it is deaf.!! :upside_down_face:

Edit-2: Changing from Compiz to xfwm4 the wallpapers could change independently, so false alarm, or a compiz problem. I remember that you could have different wallpapers with Compiz in xfce without the wallpaper plugin enabled. The xfce wallpapers can be handled by compiz if I enable the Wallpaper plugin.

Edit 3: After re-login into Gnome there is no problem with the workspaces (so far).
I am really new to Gnome. When do we need to re-login generally, or maybe restart Gnome (Alt+F2 r [Enter])?

Me niether, I am unable to change VPN connections using 1.10.0-1, downgrading to 1.8.4-1 was my workaround also.

No issues to report so far. Seems I was saved from the network issues in Plasma (fingers crossed). Currently running with 4.14.

For GNOME it's fine. Thoughts and prayers to our KDE folks for this update <3

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