[Testing Update] 2017-11-14 - Removal of i686 in Testing Branch

For me it sometimes works, sometimes not, firefox-kde here.

Not in my Gnome.
Though I just noticed I can't add a second workspace.
I toggled custom/dynamic and there was no response, like I changed nothing :roll_eyes:
Is rebooting an accepted troubleshooting method in Testing??

Ediit: That looks like a joke? or a bug.
I swithed to my second account in xfce and the background wallpaper setting cannot be set independently on 2 workspaces.
Yes I toggled the checkbox "Apply to all workspaces".. Again like it is deaf.!! :upside_down_face:

Edit-2: Changing from Compiz to xfwm4 the wallpapers could change independently, so false alarm, or a compiz problem. I remember that you could have different wallpapers with Compiz in xfce without the wallpaper plugin enabled. The xfce wallpapers can be handled by compiz if I enable the Wallpaper plugin.

Edit 3: After re-login into Gnome there is no problem with the workspaces (so far).
I am really new to Gnome. When do we need to re-login generally, or maybe restart Gnome (Alt+F2 r [Enter])?

Me niether, I am unable to change VPN connections using 1.10.0-1, downgrading to 1.8.4-1 was my workaround also.

No issues to report so far. Seems I was saved from the network issues in Plasma (fingers crossed). Currently running with 4.14.

For GNOME it's fine. Thoughts and prayers to our KDE folks for this update <3

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