[Testing Update] 2018-05-11 - Kernels, GCC8, Gnome 3.28.2, Cinnamon, KDE Apps 18.04.1, LibreOffice

So far, so good.

My inxi:

CPU: Dual Core Pentium T4200 (-MCP-) speed/min/max: 1197/1200/2000 MHz 
Kernel: 4.14.40-1-MANJARO x86_64 Up: 1m Mem: 652.3/3819.0 MiB (17.1%) 
HDD: 465.76 GiB (22.4% used) Procs: 144 Shell: zsh 5.5.1 inxi: 3.0.07

Yes, I'm a zsh addict!

GVFS bug is now fixed in this testing update! :grinning:

gvfs             1.36.1-1             1.36.2-1

[SOLVED] G_udev_is_device (device) failed gvfs-metadata

Thanks for updating Sublime Text. That new version message was making me :nauseated_face:

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huge update, there is no problem so far

for a couple of days when using linux 4.16.7 my bluetooth sometimes dissapear randomly, but its not happen after updated to 4.16.8, will report back if the bluetooth problem happened again

I don't think it's a Cinnamon issue. It's happening on Xfce also without muffin.

On my machine the update of gcc-libs to 8.1.0 broke numpy (python-numpy 1.14.3-1), which depends on libgfortran.so.4. As a temporary workaround I have copied the corresponding file from gcc-libs-7.3.1 into the ld.so search path. I can imagine that other numerics related packages are affected, too.

Everything else is fine. Thanks for the good work!

It is listed as make dependency. Maybe the package maintainers need to be informed about it.

After update keyboard unresponsive cant even get into tty. Tried both 4.16 kernel and 4.14 kernel. Cannot interact with Gnome shell at all. This is a Lenovo T430 running Manjaro Gnome Testing. Boots normally, login is good, brings you to graphical desktop. Cursor and mouse work but keyboard does not, neither does the mouse allow any interaction with the actual shell, left click, right click, nothing. Not sure how to proceed as I have never had a problem with getting to tty. Any assistance would be appreciated.

@nadb: you may try to start in user level 3 by selecting the boot option in grub, press CTRL+E and add a three at the end of the boot option. With CTRL+X you may start it. Other option would be to use a live media to check which packages got updated on your end.

Got into tty at GDM login. Logged in, in tty, resyncing mirrors, update sucessful. Problem still exists.

Repeating process and reinstalling Gnome packages. Conflict between nautilus and nautilus-typeahead. Removing nautilus.
Conflict between nautilus-extension-typeahead and nautilus-extension. Removing nautilus-extension.
Updating again. No updates. Shutdown.

Booting, Logged in. Problem still exists.


@nadb: please install budgie-desktop or xfce4 to see if it is a Gnome issue. So when you still have keyboard in TTY it seems to be a DE issue.

I tried installing xf86-video-intel. Modesetting not the issue.
Attempted to enable wayland. Fails to enable. Option not available in GDM. GDM might have issue.

Installing xfce4 xfce4-goodies. Might as well have a back up DE, and per philm.

Xfce4 works. Looks like a Gnome issue. Something in the update

That is why I use it as default. Since you have a working DE now, you may check which packages got updated after the last working state. /var/log/pacman.log is your friend.

I finally tracked down the problem. Apparently something is wrong with the gnome-shell-extensions, and gnome-shell-extension- packages. Removing them and installing extensions from gnome.org and login works, along with the actual DE. Install any of those packages during a session and everything ceases to work. All you can do is move the cursor around. I thought the nodejs update might have caused an issue but that was not the case.

And nevermind a faulty extension was the cause. Workspaces to Dock. Manual installation from github is recommended. This fixed the issue.

I had this too. Gnome-shell was totally frozen. I used the extension dev's new package and all are fine.

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That was a first for me. Never had an extension do a complete freeze on me like that. Oh well first time for everything. Move turning off all extensions to one of my first troubleshooting steps in Gnome from now on.

Please point us to the exact package and we see on how to fix it. And is common that extensions may freeze Gnome after a major update.

Like I said I have just been lucky. The last time I had any problems with Gnome was around the 3.16 update (and most of those were GDM related), so it has been a while. I was wrong it had nothing to do with any Manjaro packages. Sorry for the false alarm. Solely the problem of the workspaces-to-dock extension, and it has received a fix here https://github.com/passingthru67/workspaces-to-dock/archive/master.zip . My problems are resolved. No other glitches in my testing install of Gnome.

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First time on the testing train out of curiosity on one machine. It was a huge upgrade to Gnome 3.28.2 but all went fine. I see that Gnome gets better; after a few clicks still and only just about 500MB of RAM used. That is very good for such a full service DE. And the Gnome hackfest still to come. The Fedora devs decided (I think it will be in May) to trim down the RAM consumption and to speed up the boot to make Gnome attractive even for low end hardware. Good news!


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