[Testing Update] 2018-06-29 - Linux v4.18-rc2, Pamac, Manjaro-Tools-Git, Haskell, Python

I don't understand this logic. I explicitly attempted to eliminate that variable by my deliberate choice of a non-Qt DE VM... Xfce, ie, GTK-based. How can it be a Qt problem in that case?

A Qt program is a Qt program and needs Qt. It doesn't matter if the DE is GTK-based a Qt progamm still uses Qt. This can't change by the DE. It only can changed in the source and would require a complete rewrite of the vbox UI in Gtk.

If you want to eliminate Qt you need build vbox against an older version of Qt. This is on a rolling release distro a little bit complicated. Sine all needed Qt packages needs to be downgraded.

Thank you but with respect, that is not my objective. I simply wish to identify if the current bug with the Oracle VirtualBox Manager GUI [losing Status Bar & Toolbar after relaunches] is an Oracle bug, a KDE bug, or maybe somehow an Arch/Manjaro bug.

I've just done another test:

  1. From https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads downloaded virtualbox-5.2_5.2.14-123301_Ubuntu_xenial_amd64.deb & verified its sha256.
  2. Installed it in my Mint MATE 18.3 VM.
  3. Launched it & created a dummy VM.
  4. Observed that the SB & TB were both present.
  5. Closed the GUI, relaunched it... SB & TB were both present.
  6. Closed the GUI, relaunched it... SB & TB were both present.

So what do my & @michaldybczak's tests cumulatively tell us ... where does the bug lie?

After reading some bug reports, is it a bug regression change in 5.11.1 and the Qt dev's don't consider this a bug. It needs to fixed in every program.



There is a bug report at virtualbox.org, with a link to the Manjaro forum actually. So it might be fixed someday.

This Bug report has a simple but tedious workaround. (Works on my XFCE system, but it is called Exit. The shortcut, on XFCE is it Ctrl+q , works also )

Btw, it only happens if you close the window via the close button.
Choose "Quit" from the menu to avoid the problem...


OMZ, thanks so much for your excellent research! I was super-sceptical when i read this, but you & Wolfgang are correct... if i close via the menu not the close-icon, my GUI settings ARE preserved.

I can most certainly live with this easy workaround, until the relevant parties deploy the permanent solution. I can now happily reinstate my use of the KDE Application Menu icon [from KDE’s System Settings - Appearance - Application Style - Window Decorations - Buttons - Titlebar], to regain my vertical space consumed/wasted by each window's Menu Bar.

Thanks & yay.

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