[Testing Update] 2018-08-16 - Kernels (L1TF), Firefox, Mate, Virtualbox

What if you use the normal signal from AUR instead of the binary (signal-desktop-bin)?

Yeah, that works :smiley: but I won't be compiling it everytime an updates comes up. I want binary :smiley: maybe flatpak is the tool for me.

Just sharing... I have begun to replace my AUR programs by Flatpak (when available) after this electron issues, and I have no issues at all. The opposite... quite happy with it. But it's only my experience...


Let's get this to stable. Update was smooth to kernel 4.18.1 on XFCE.


I think you should drop the EOL kernels @philm

latest unstale update broke game overgrowth, it says "Not support for S3TC DXT5 textures detected, ,this means either your gpu is too old or your drivers are out of date"


See my comment on AUR
Basically removing part that is patching Code to use old 2.27 fixed issue for me


For me steam games are still working with amdgpu on kernel 4.18.1.

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unfortunately my two problems exist since the testing updates from early august.

my first problem was/is: meld give me this error message after starting from console:

[manmio@kruemel ~]$ meld
/usr/bin/meld:206: PyGIDeprecationWarning: GObject.glib_version is deprecated; use GLi
  assert GObject.glib_version >= glib_requirement

second problem: I can't enter in the clipit preference menu anymore.
Under stable branch clipit preference looks good:

but under testing branch since early august this black box appears when i want enter in the clipit preferences:

I can't solve these problems. This is my system:

 ██████████████████  ████████     manmio@kruemel
 ██████████████████  ████████     OS: Manjaro Hakoila
 ██████████████████  ████████     Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.18.1-1-MANJARO
 ██████████████████  ████████     Uptime: 19m
 ████████            ████████     Packages: 1030
 ████████  ████████  ████████     Shell: bash 4.4.23
 ████████  ████████  ████████     Resolution: 1600x900
 ████████  ████████  ████████     WM: i3
 ████████  ████████  ████████     GTK Theme: Vertex-Maia-Dark [GTK2/3]
 ████████  ████████  ████████     Icon Theme: Papirus-Dark-Maia
 ████████  ████████  ████████     Font: Noto Sans 10
 ████████  ████████  ████████     CPU: Intel Core i5-3337U @ 4x 2.7GHz [52.0°C]
 ████████  ████████  ████████     GPU: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Ivybridge Mobile 
 ████████  ████████  ████████     RAM: 1172MiB / 7602MiB

btw: I'm only use manjaro repository software. Nothing from AUR. So there should be no false or missing dependencies (I guess)

no, optimus intel + nvidia

This is what I did on the last update I made

[2018-08-16 07:48] [ALPM] upgraded linux-firmware (20180717.8d69bab-1 -> 20180815.f1b95fe-1)
[2018-08-16 07:48] [ALPM] upgraded vulkan-headers (1:1.1.80-2 -> 1:1.1.82+97+c4e056d-1)
[2018-08-16 07:48] [ALPM] upgraded vulkan-icd-loader (1.1.80+2940+da58202e9-1 -> 1.1.82+2958+1f9a54573-1)
[2018-08-16 07:48] [ALPM] upgraded vulkan-validation-layers (1.1.79+7729+3bd8e348-1 -> 1.1.82+7759+0cb86f5f-1)

Good, here.

$ uname -a
Linux Manjaro_KDE_VM 4.18.1-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Aug 15 16:48:30 UTC 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux

H, then you are probably using Intel driver, and nvidia only with optirun I guess. I have one laptop with
same conf as yours but that one is on stable and I pull it from closet very rarely :wink:

That, seriously, is not the position that a distro that aims to be user friendly ought to be taking.

So it's also Arch's fault if an AUR package does not work on Arch?

I know Arch is not as user friendly, but Manjaro does not support AUR, just like Arch does not support AUR.
AUR is user maintained content.

AUR stands for Arch User Repository. Please point out where I missed Manjaro here.

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It looks like Arch did actually address this problem of glibc 2.28 breaking proprietary electron apps by reverting some changes (since glibc 2.28-2: "The problem is in fact in lld used to build Electron but it's too serious regression to fool around."). Manjaro also did the same, since glibc 2.28-1.1. They recognized it's a big enough deal, even if it's not necessarily their responsibility to keep AUR packages working.

But in the meantime AUR maintainers did their own workarounds, and now those have to be reverted, as the glibc changes arrive. So a bit of a mess to sort out. Probably better to wait until the smoke settles before pushing to stable, especially since popular apps like skypeforlinux are affected.


meld issue seems relate to glibc, wait for package rebuild

clipit has that issue reported in repo already, as workaround try downgrade it

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Downgraded clipit with the repo software downgrade to Verision clipit 1.4.3-2 and now clipit works fine again. Thanks dorma.

I see no issues with clipit-1.4.4-5 ...

pamac install https://manjaro.moson.eu/pool/overlay/clipit-1.4.4-5-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

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