[Testing Update] 2019-03-27 - Kernels, Gnome, LibreOffice, Mesa, Budgie, Browsers, Qt

I'm only a casual gamer, but if I can help forward gaming on Linux, I will. What would maintaining AMDVLK mean? I have an AMD CPU/GPU based desktop and notebook, both with Vega and RX graphics.

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As per habit, updated in terminal, sudo pacman -Syyu.
No issues whatsoever.


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Ok, that's a different story. We can't contribute precompiled packages to the repo's, or can we?

For the maintainer of the package (for Manjaro), it means doing the following things rigorously in long term:

  • Packaging new versions of the software when upstream release a new one;
  • If needed, hunting for patches and applying them to the original source code (it is sometime necessary with software that has security issues or critical bugs, but upstream doesn't push a new version fast enough to fix those problems, systemd being a prime example of that);
  • Rebuilding packages if the software provided is broken because of new versions of libraries;
  • Know what's going on as much as possible, both on upstream side in case of major changes and on the distro side in case a new version of the package introduces regression(s).
  • Dealing with problems that users have with the package.

So as you can see, maintaining a package is not something you can take lightly. There is big responsibilities behind it.

For the users, it means being able to use an alternative Vulkan driver for AMD GPUs, instead of using vulkan-radeon for example.

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I’ve compiled the latest version of amdvlk and lib32-amdvlk.

They're on the github link below. I’ve played about 3hrs of ESO via steam proton using them and haven't noticed any issues. But i will say use at your own risk :grinning:

Only took about 20mins per file to build on my crappy old i7-4771 testing machine, so not a problem to keep updated.

SHA1 403ae8351ccd92e01db9ea73bb014fb28bd3259d
SHA256 1864848641e1edce4b4047aad427f4ad9c8458ece0786ec61a469201862decd5

SHA1 b170a949c415e7295d67c0510c8897a308a584f2
SHA256 78d57bcdcaa2da6ba7b99f044ebc8e5ad1ad3b97a75f9d8cdbbd3c296c041d0d



No issues!

KDE, btrfs, luks

Thanks to everyone that runs Manjaro Testing. It's greatly appreciated & helps to make Manjaro the rock solid OS that it is, for the rest of us.

More power to you all!

Ruziel :slight_smile:


I'm not sure if it was this update or the previous, but I have a minor visual bug in Gnome from the icon for Manjaro Update Indicator extension not showing unless there's updates. Using X session and Nvidia proprietary drivers.

Check your preferences in pamac. See below.

That's Pamac Update Indicator, Not Manjaro's. The extension is running, I just can't see it. Pamac Update Indicator shows up fine.

Sorry, you said using x-session I thought you meant xfce. Was there a gnome extension update, perhaps a downgrade is needed?

There's known issues for Wayland sessions, I wanted to specify I'm using X.

Octopi has now greyed option for AUR backend , as I removed yaourt.

Now install another AUR helper, eg: trizen...


Thank you!

You all did an amazing job - the Manjaro team for providing excellent quality - and this inspired community for this outstanding testing and support. Currently, 60 votes and no bigger problems besides the known issues (which can be handled by workarounds). Well done :+1:


So far the only problem I have had with Manjaro was the bug that snuck all the way to stable. So...
But sure, you're welcome :slight_smile: I find it a good balance between "cutting edge" and Stable (which still is damn close to cutting edge).

Bluetooth unatainable in both stable and testing get grayed out screen, cannot pair with devices'Screenshot_2019-03-30_20-27-00

Blueman ver. 2.0.8
Went to Bluetooth project on GitHub and gave them information on this as a bug.

[Solved] It was a hardware problem fixed using bluetooth dongle.

bluetooth woes no default controller available

Apr 01 20:48:04 xmg kernel: Bluetooth: hci0: command 0xfc05 tx timeout
Apr 01 20:48:04 xmg kernel: Bluetooth: hci0: Reading Intel version information failed (-110)

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