[Testing Update] 2020-03-26 - Kernels, Browsers, UKUI, Pamac, Haskell & Python

Ask @schinfo.

The original diffuse isn't supported since 2014.
The new version from Arch is a fork from an Alpha-version and doesn't work.
That's why there is the working version of diffuse-manjaro.
You can install the version from Arch and try it out.

Very interesting if those packages are for ukui desktop 3.0

In package matcha-gtk-theme-20200324-1-any, the Matcha-aliz theme still doesn't work correctly with Firefox 74.0 (firefox-74.0-2-x86_64).

The culprit seems to be the file /usr/share/themes/Matcha-aliz/gtk-3.0/gtk.css, which was 775K in the 20200315 version, but only 163K in the 20200324 version. Apparently, something useful got removed.

On the other hand, maybe the problem lies with Firefox. All other GUI apps I've tried with the new version of matcha-gtk-theme seem to work just fine.

My workaround has been to replace the new version of the gtk.css file with the old version.


Just restarted computer (duebto systen overload/craahing) after a large update today and now when I log in I have no access to any applications. Searching for anything hangs with "Searching..."


Did I miss an announcement concerning the Extensions Panel being removed from Gnome Tweaks? TIA


Wow! Thanks.

Any idea why Broadcom-wl is not supported in Linux56? DKMS doesn't load correctly & there is no discreet module for Linux56.

It still is in development as you can see from it's version 5.6rc7.d0309.g16fbf79-1.


the rc7 in 5.6rc7 means that it is the 7th release candidate of 5.6

It usually shows up by NOW in previous Kernel releases.

Yeah extramodules are being a bit neglected for kernel 5.6, most notably virtualbox ones

But the kernel will release next week so no biggy

Please report this issue upstream. It will be fixed fast.


Someone noticed that too?

Solution: there is new program called extensions
that means: GNOME extensions settings are outsourced to a new/different program.

It is not broken. We patched it to remove extensions from it. Using tweaks for extensions is creating issues.

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Sure it’s not the fact there are 20+ extensions installed by default? Maybe a more vanilla approach to gnome would be better.

Where’s the simplicity that’s meant to be enjoyed? :wink:

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I think most of these are there because layout switcher, personally I do not need few of those like gamemode (there is now do not disturb switcher in gnome) GSConnect, drive menu, indicators, and so on, but other people can use them and do not use what I use. You can get rid off those if you want. I miss there transparent panel and Vitals what I installed, other people have different needs.

Hi, I found an issue today, but I cannot track back to the exact update causing it. I can only say: it was working perfectly at least one week ago.
kmymoney was not able to use the aqbanking plugin anymore because of some missing libraries:

Loading "/usr/lib/qt/plugins/kmymoney/kbanking.so"
Could not load plugin '/usr/lib/qt/plugins/kmymoney/kbanking.so', 
error: Cannot load library /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kmymoney/kbanking.so: (libgwengui.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)

Actually, it was just sufficient to:

$ sudo ln -s libgwengui-cpp.so libgwengui-cpp.so.0
$ sudo ln -s libgwengui-qt5.so libgwengui-qt5.so.0

and then everything worked again.
I am not sure which package is responsible for providing the ".0" versions...
@philm: who is maintaining aqbanking?

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