[Testing Update] 2020-05-11 - Kernels, KDE-Git, KDE Frameworks, MSM, Wine 5.8

So, it was not just me? It happened more than the two times I mentioned. Thanks for getting something done.

One thing I noticed when tying to install Manjaro, the part where you have the option for adding Nvidia was skipped over and I had to install it manually after the installation. This could be due to using Rufus in Windows to place the ISO on the USB stick, I have not had that problem before.

From peeps here and what I've seen myself Rufus has became a true PITA. @philm suggested using Ventoy.

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PITA = Pain in the A$$, got it. Anyway it did not work.

Got update, thanks.

No more Black Screen after update. Running 9 hours.

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