[Testing Update] 2020-06-03 - Software-Center, Arc Themes, Linux 5.7, Firefox 77, Systemd 245.6

Huh, no problems with systemd 245.6 on Gnome /amd/ 5.6

Searching only for Flatpaks View. Nice!!!!


Updates applied, rebooted and all seems good.

All good here.

All fine on my i3 with kernel 5.7

Automount doesn't work due to ordering cycle error on local-fs.target, that @freggel.doe presented, which deletes the automount jobs.

I reverted the systemd.

What is it app?
Can't find it in my system (KDE)

You need to install the software-center-web-jak package. It is actually a jak wrapper of the Manjaro Discover page


There are still problems with emojis mentioned in this topic:

Xfce + systemd245 + Linux57 + Nvidia340.82 + FF77 ( youtube 1080p ok) + Vbox( Guest + video ok ) + Steam(OpenGL) ok

just lost icons for notify update ( since last update 05-29 )

I just installed a new VM (XFCE) and switched it to testing. The system works fine. But I noticed something not going well about the look and feel of QT apps although Kvantum and qt5ct are installed and properly configured.

The file /etc/environment is empty, as in unconfigured.

I entered the following:


and it was fixed. Maybe that is something to be changed either in the ISO or through a n update.

qt5ct was replaced with qgnomeplatform, FYI.

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I know, I found out in an earlier stable update. But the question for me is why is qt5ct in the ISO and installed and the environmental variables are not set ... :man_shrugging:

I noticed that the following problem appeared with the 5.7 kernel:

  • a new network connection is automatically created and a notification POPs up that you can't connect to the Internet.
    You have to manually delete this network connection every time you turn on the system.

And of course-there is still a problem with Viber (AUR), it is impossible to call and answer the call after the latest updates - this is a really big problem.

System: Manjaro KDE 20.0.2 + kernel 5.7 + Nvidia GTX1050Ti + Intel Core i7 9700F

77.0.1 was already pushed: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/77.0.1/releasenotes/


When is the 5.8 kernel going to come out?

August :man_shrugging:

i had this, too - strangely it is gone now since this update?
workaround for me was to let the new connection (enp10s0) be and create a new one that is limited to the old connection (eth0) and disable automatic connection for that one.

Normal, often Manjaro points them to the latest kernel after a few bug fix releases

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