[Testing Update] 2020-06-07 - Kernels, Kodi, Cinnamon, Deepin, Qt 5.15, Thunderbird, Firefox

Can we get the moved Background on all DEs?
It looks very cool :slight_smile:

@psydvl and @freggel.doe

Looks like:

OK, just removed it, I copied this fstab from an old build and I guess I had it that way due to wifi taking too long to connect, I don't even remember how old are these entries, thanks @philm and @freggel.doe

Solved by the fresh update.
I think from the qt5-base package.
PS sorry about mistyping, of course, I'm using CtrlAltT

That post just looks like a naming problem for the task entry in that (unity) dock to me.
The terminal visible on the screenshot still opened in that users home directory.

mmh. mostly common: user terminal uses green color and root terminal red color.
(I used Mageia before I came to manjaro...)
Color: except in TTY... Mysterious but solved, I presume?! How / Why....

That is another kind of root terminal: a terminal opened as user root as opposed to a terminal opened as current user. I've set up similar color distinctive prompts on any machine/distro I've ever used.

The problem here however was a terminal opened for current user but in root directory (/).

O.K. - I see.

O.T.: β€žDer Kaiser hat gar keine Kleider!β€œ

Having a devil of a time getting back to a functional GUI. I did a backup 2 weeks ago, and virtualbox v6.1.6 with the updates had window size / font issues (dialog boxes too big, couldn't reach some buttons).

I managed to update again with v6.1.10rc? of virtualbox which solved the window / font size problem, but the system locked up (had to do a cold boot) while using it and when I logged back in ran into this greeter problem.

As soon as I login, I see the desktop briefly then it disappears and the greeter restarts.

I created another account on a virtual console and tried to login with it but it exhibits the same problem. Using latest kernel v 5.6.11-1 provided by system update. I haven't tried an older kernel yet. I have several I could use.

Are the issues with x-systemd.requires=network-online.target limited to fstab? I haven't created any service that use that on this system.

Looking for solutions.

This cannot be right, the linux56 currently is at 5.6.18-1 in testing, see https://manjaro.org/repo-compare/.
Check your mirror and refresh your mirrorlist if necessary.

Been using Manjaro, my first Arch distro for 2 years, so not real knowledgeable of the details. Linux user for decades tho. Comfortable on cmd line, but mostly use gui for convenience, especially for system maintenance.

I'll chk on the kernel version, and figure out what mirrors are in play.

The last time I updated I used pacman on cmd line (pacman -Syu) and noticed an odd discrepancy with that kernel version, as the version it replaced was actually slightly newer, 5.6.12. I was prompted with "latest" for the version, wasn't presented with other options such as testing or LTS, like the gui updater (IIRC).

Thx for the tip

I have updated from my 2 week old backup and updated it several times trying to get back to a stable system. I was mistaken about the kernel version, at least on the latest update.

I am currently at v5.6.16.

I tried to boot the "initram failsafe" and the previous 5.4.44 kernel version, 3 trials in all and all with the same results. Looking into update mirrors next...

I took the time to remove all of the upgrades EXCEPT those for virtualbox (and kodi, due to a conflict) which took about 30 minutes of toggling all of the "upgrades" off, more than 650 of them!

It was all for naught tho, as it wasn't a virtualbox issue that causes the settings window from being too big. VBox is now upgraded from 6.1.6 to 6.1.8. I checked my pacman mirrors now only use the USA servers, having removed all others.

I changed the font and played with various system settings but still can't get the window resized to show the buttons. Another anomaly is there is a black border around windows when they have focus, which disappears when the focus is elsewhere.

I restored my 2 week old machine image and did the VBox / Kodi upgrade in that, which has kernel v5.6.12.

My VMs are usable, but for an odd reason I can't figure out ifconfig reports the wrong IP address in the VM guests. That and the dialog box obscuring my VM settings was the reason I bit the bullet to upgrade, taking the risk without doing a more recent backup.

Learned my lesson - ALWAYS do a backup before upgrading, and that will include my next attempt to fix the size & network problems, which will require at least 650 packages to be upgraded.

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