[Testing Update] 2020-06-16 - Kernel, Browser, KDE, Cinnamon, Deepin, Haskell, Mesa, Virtualbox

Only the splashcreen loads and then freezes. Sometimes there are popups that ask for passwords, i.e. for my wifi connection. When I use systemctl restart sddm from TTY I get back to the SDDM login screen.

Edit: org.kde.notifications: WaitForName: Service was not registered within timeout appears in journalctl after the freeze. Then nothing.

Takes a long time to start Plasma and the cpu load is about 30% without opening any programs.

Rebooted Plasma and everything working fine here. The only thing I noticed was that restoring the session did not preserve the virtual desktops the windows were on.

Updated without any problems. The new fontconfig packages solve the problem with xfsettingsd outlined here.

On GNOME I use Krusader.
Since this update, Krusader does not start as root.
SOLVED: replace kde-cli-tools by kde-cli-tools-git
EDIT: in the meantime "kde-cli-tools" work again. Earlier, re-installing did not work.
Maybe: i resetted my GNOME-settings today because of an amok app - so there was an error
in gsettings prior this...

Hi!! On my VM the update has done well, except for the systray applet: all icons have gone away despite I mark as "always show", only appears the MSM.

I've deleted the cache folder, the plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc file, the default panel and added a new one and, also, I have tried with Breath2 and Breeze global themes. No success. Rebooting the VM neither fix nothing.

Weird... :thinking:

You have the -icon Pakets for those themes installed?

Yes, they are the default one's of KDE and Manjaro.

rebuild mime-cache?

Nope, I don't know how to do that. However, this should be done by the system itself when updating, isn't it? :thinking:

It doesn't fix the issue, thank you very much anyways... :grinning:

Hey phil, you wouldn't happen to be willing to ship to america would you? That facemask on offer is hilarious and would love to buy one...

Only 78 updates? Oh well, nice job. See Extra Repository caught up with Stable.

this update changed font rendering
Captura de pantalla de 2020-06-17 15-31-56
Captura de pantalla de 2020-06-17 15-44-40

Are you sure this wasn't an update on the site's side? Fonts are rendered in the browser so either FF changed something, or the site itself. It rather has nothing to do with the Plasma.

im 100% sure, in fact i downgraded fontconfig both normal and lib32 and got old fonts back:
after downgrade: Captura de pantalla de 2020-06-17 16-03-24

What happens if you create new user? Are icons gone as well?

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When I create a new user the systray applet works as usual with the tipical network, audio, clipboard icons. So I understand that the issue is with my main user...

I updated and the first thing that I noticed is: why the system tray is so empty? Where is keyboard language, where is the vault? Where is clipboard, wifi, sound, bluetooth, notifications?

After Plasma 5.19.1 update:


Before update:


And no, those elements are not hidden. They are just not there on systray:


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