[Testing Update] 2020-06-23 - Kernel, KDE-git, Cinnamon, Firefox, Pamac, Plasma, Deepin

Got the same problem :frowning:

Upon updating all locations for fontconfig turn up as a 404 error, unable to proceed with updating the system

The issue is already fixed. Issue a sudo pacman -Syyu to proceed.

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Ah alright, i guess pamac didnt update it. Thanks

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Yep works now :slight_smile:
Also Firefox 78 RC1 in AUR in 6 minutes

I still need to remove systemd from passwd and group in /etc/nsswitch.conf (as mentioned in the last update ) to avoid errors and minutes long delay on boot.
other than that it seems OK so far :slight_smile:

ttf-dejavu not installed but it seems I've not fontconfig problems
merged the fontconfig.pacnew

One new orphan:

$ pacman -Qdt
python-pytoml 0.1.21-3

$ pacman -Sii python-pytoml | grep "Required By"
Required By     : python-flit

I removed it without any immediate breakage.

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No issues with XFCE and Cinnamon running in separate VM's. Did the updates via TTY.

All good here, just switched yesterday to the testing branch :slight_smile:

Sound still not working on Chromium-based browsers, like I said on the previous post.

no depencies with pactree -r

Strange problem after this update. After reboot, my file manager (Dolphin) and text editor (Kate) now take an absurdly long time to start, around 15-20 seconds. Same thing for the open file dialogs in many apps, including both Qt apps (Vlc) and Gtk apps (Gimp).

The problem seems to be linked to the upower service, which now fails to start. Basically, something in this last update caused my computer to reproduce this not-really-solved issue. First tried downgrading upower to 0.99.11-2, but that didn't work. Also tried the suggested workaround of commenting out the ProtectHome=true attribute in /usr/lib/systemd/system/upower.service but the service still won't start. Anyone have any ideas?

Ok, it looks like I found the culprit after looking more carefully at the system journals. I was using the the AUR package ifuse-git to transfer files to and from an iPhone, and in order to use the git version of that package, I also had to install the git versions of libplist and libimobiledevice. Replacing these with the standard packages in the "extra" repository solved the problem.

Next step: I won't need these git packages anymore if I can convince my girlfriend to swap her iPhone for an old school Nokia. Much more secure... :stuck_out_tongue:


This issue got resolved with this update.

I have opened telegram and since the update the fonts feels a little bit change.. someone has noticed it?
It's the only thing neverthless

I have installed dejavu fonts( something I have not uninstalled before)
Now the telegram fonts feels like before, or at least, better than before.
Attached you had files of how it seens with dejavu and without it. One of them is very awful.
I think dejavu fonts have to be installed by manjaro-system in the stable update..

Screenshot_20200624_025241 Screenshot_20200624_025123

Alright, Mr. McFeeley. You can feel fonts? :laughing:

Please say, "It seems like..." or "I think..."

If English is not your first language, you're learning from the wrong people. :wink:

Oh, almost forgot about the font changes. It was due to changes in fontconfig. You can search the forum for recent related posts.

Upgraded successfully, the font problem happened to me, installed ttf-dejavu and it's perfect now.
Thanks Manjaro team, awesome job once again.

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there is no need to attak the lenguaje of other people. You have understood what I said. You can only suggest me, but laughing at it? nothing more to say, totally out of place.


There was no attack; 'twas in jest, dear chap. Learn to laugh, learn and love.


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