Thank You Manjaro! Loving My New Pinebook Pro

After a few days of fun, due to some overeager newbie customizations and an SD card that didn't want to boot, I am happily using the best little $200 (ok, $250 with shipping) computer I have ever had. The screen is great, even outdoors in indirect light--sharp and really nice colors. Everything just seems to work--wifi, tethering, camera, sound, the installer, and all the apps I've tried. Maybe part of the credit should go to xfce, which is my favorite Linux desktop, after over a decade trying and using a lot of others. I am so happy that a project like this seems to have been so successful, and love having a free, secure, computer that belongs to me and not some corporate control system. I am now going to have some trouble restraining myself from getting a Pinephone until it is, if not ready for everyone, at least fully functional.


same here :slight_smile:

I completely agree, and think we should (of our own decision) support these projects with a little donation, from time to time.

I've not done that in a while, but I feel it's time for me to do so, again.



Wonderful to hear! I’m going to move this to #general-discussion since it’s not a support request. Glad to hear you’re enjoying Manjaro.

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Hey dude, how is the speed of the Pinebook Pro for you? Does it bog down on intensive (read: horrible, slow, exploitative, and user-abusing) websites?

I'm tempted to get one. I've had my beloved 11-year-old librebooted thinkpad for a year and a half now, and while it does nearly everything I want, it's a bit clunky.

A benchmark I found online (a run of sysbench) indicated to me that the PbP is about 1/3 the speed of my Core 2 Duo Thinkpad (using all cores), and roughly 1/6 of the speed per core.

But of course, the PbP beats the 2009 thinkpad in a LOT of other categories, so I'd be curious what your impression is.


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Good question, but I don't think I have enough data to give a very helpful answer. I, too, have been using clunky old hardware--my Pinebook Pro is about 8 years newer than my desktops and previous laptops. All my previous computers, including the laptops but excluding the mobile phones, of course, used mechanical disks. Also, I don't think my internet connections are fast enough to attribute any lag to my hardware, and have not benchmarked my devices recently. So, all I can say is that, when using the internet, I have not noticed any differences in speed between my devices.


Using older hardware makes me want to put all the programmers in the world in a room, give them all 10-year-old systems, and force them to use their own crappy code for a day. :wink:

(Of course, it's not usually the programmers fault, it's the companies')

Thanks for the reminder, john_coach, but when I went looking for the donation page, I didn't see my payment method, Paypal, as an option. I don't like giving my financial information to all the different services used by different websites. I realize that Paypal is a bit of a pain for vendors, and wish there were a better one, but that's a problem I can't solve.

I signed up with Paypal shortly after it started. It lets me pay anyone with an email address, does not require my bank information, except for a credit card which I select and use to pay Paypal for payments it makes on my behalf, which I believe provides me with an added layer of protection. So, while I frequently donate small amounts to all kinds of things, if a site does not offer to take Paypal, I generally give up.

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I am (or was) one of those programmers, and I completely agree with you. Faster hardware is no excuse for crappy code.

That started young in me, with 8-bit machines...

OpenCollective (US) accepts paypal. But I believe you must still make an account there.

It is ironic that I have to give my email address to a site I don't pick in order to encourage development of a computer that respects my privacy but I may just hold my nose and do it now that I know that at least I don't have to give it my credit card.

We had a paypal account in the beginning, don't know if it's still "working" as it should, but you could try it.
The email for the donation was:

Thanks, Strit. Maybe next time. Meanwhile, I bit the bullet and made a small donation. More a gesture of solidarity than anything else. Do you still want testers or bug reports? Where would we go to do either?

Yes please.

For testing, you can switch to arm-testing or even arm-ustable branches and test the updates that come through there. How to do that is mention at the bottom of the update threads.

Bug reports should be done on against the package/application in question. If the package/application is not found in our gitlab, it means we don't maintain it and it should be reported to our upstream.

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Please can you check if there are more email addresses that you used with/for PayPal?

I like 'arm', but am not using it and don't want to 'restrict' any donation.

I looked at the other donation methods - all require you to make an account with them, and I really don't want to be creating more and more accounts, with financial details, that I don't really need.

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You should check the page on

I (we) have.

Right now we only support credit card payments via Stripe through the platform. It is possible to pay by other means, such as bank transfer or Paypal, depending on the Fiscal Host.

Which means, signing up for another account.

Currently the only listed payment options are through CommunityBridge and OpenCollective.


Further it is stated that:

Right now we only support credit card payments via Stripe through the platform. It is possible to pay by other means, such as bank transfer or Paypal, depending on the Fiscal Host.

Host Credit Card - Bank Transfer - Paypal
CommunityBridge Yes Yes No
OpenCollective EU Yes Yes No
OpenCollective UK Yes Yes No
OpenCollective US Yes Yes Yes

(IE - only the US OpenCollective option supports using PayPal. But does not provide the paypal account ... I assume the paypal option is available after you sign up with OC(US) .. but there is no further information given.)

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After I decided to put aside my objections to giving my name and email to OpenCollectiveUS, I was able to use Paypal.

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Speaking of 8-bit machines, I started learning a wee bit of 6502 assembly earlier this year.

I am amazed that programmers managed to write anything on that architecture.

I should try again later, maybe when TheC64 finally comes out in the U.S.

My idea for an 8-bit hobby is to start with an 8-bit machine (either original, or dedicated emulation hardware), and write my own toolchain and applications from scratch, starting with hand-coding assembly using basic POKE and DATA statements...

It's a rare form of masochism, I suppose. :wink:

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