Thanks, Manjaro, you're now my primary OS on my new laptop!

Hello Manjaro forums!

I received a new laptop and at first I found moving my previous HDD from the old laptop to this new one worked well enough. My previous laptop is a Lenovo built in 2010, and the new laptop is an Acer built in 2018.

There's noting actually wrong with the Lenovo, its just becoming a senior citizen. That 8lb, 10-year-old behemoth was running fine with MX-Linux and my original thought was that I'd simply backup my data and continue to use MX. However, I ultimately decided to try out several higher-end Linux distros that the poor ol' Lenovo couldn't handle.

I'll admit I went a little nuts when I decided to give quite a few distros a test using several dozen LiveUSBs. But... I ended up learnig a lot! I throughly testing many different Manjaro flavors, Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, Xfce, Budgie and Game. I've also spent quite a large amount of time testing several other distros in the Arch-family, such as ArchMan, Namib, Condres, Antergos; and still more liveUSB testing with a handful of other powerful, wellknown, and run-of-the-mill distros as well, like, Sabayon, Feren, Linux-Mint, Kali, Fedora, and so on.

Eventually, I came to realize that Manjaro XFCE is the best of the best in terms of my person asthetic, ease of use, app functionality and avaialbility, and so on. So, thanks, Manjaro XFCE! I'm pretty happy to have you on my HDD now!

There's definitely others that I've tested, but I think you get the message. When picking the distro for my new Acer, I wanted to be absolutely certain that what I ended up with would be chose by merit, and Manjaro XFCE passed with flying colors!


I'm glad you like Manjaro too. Has that drive been in regualr use for 9 years already? If so, it may be better to get a new one or better yet an SSD if you don't want to use the drive that came with the Acer.

No, the HDD I swapped out has only been in use for less than 3 years, probably closer to 2.5. I always run a drive safety and heath check and everything came out in the green so I'm not too worried about it. Once large SSDs are available for less money my plan is to upgrade again. But since a 2TiB ssd is around $260 or more, it's way out of my price range. I haven't had any problems with the drive so far, if I run into any down the road, that'll be the time to think about upgrading again.

Hahaha, great! If you are happy running Manjaro on HDD, then imagine if you were using SSD!
You got it right, Manjaro is one of the best distros ever created. It's a pity it is so underrated by the masses. Good for us.


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