The current directory does not change.

The pre-installed Nemo file manager refuses to change the current directory (Wherever I am in the Nemo GUI, "pwd" always displays a static result), but the "cd" works correctly. The error was typical both for a clean OS, and with a list of recommended updates, as well with a different explorer.

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Refuses how? Did it yell and stomp it's feet?

What do terminal commands have to do with Nemo?

What error?

What different explorer?

Please provide us a little more info about your issue and system:

I will add a report: I hope the video will seem more visible to you. The firmware version is shown in the screenshot:Screenshot%20from%202019-07-31%2019-51-38

I'm not sure I understand correctly what your issue is.
The terminal and the file manager are two different, separate applications. Changing directory in the terminal doesn't mean that the directory will be changed in the file manager also. The pwd command works as expected in your video, it prints the current working directory in the terminal, not the directory you opened in the file manager.

As far as I can tell, there is no issue in your case.


It is important for me to bind the change of the current directory to the work of the graphic file manager without using cd. I had to observe how a user, for example, having entered a certain directory, could create a virtual environment with a corresponding command, without specifying an absolute path. (Mint) Is it really in this case only the use of snippets will be the solution?

If this functionality is not provided by default, please tell me how you can get closer to this behavior.

It isn't at all clear what you are asking for here. Could you try to provide an example of what you want to happen?

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You could install the nemo-terminal extension. It will automatically follow the current active directory.


Yes, that's what I need. Thank you so much for your perseverance. When I created this topic, I could not even imagine that my problem was so unpopular in the community.

It must be assumed that the installation takes place via "pacman" or "yaourt"?

I apologize. I really didn’t want to be so annoying and ask so many questions, but without this tool it would really be very difficult for me to mapping in the system.

There's a few ways, depending on your preference:

  • Open Add/Remove Software (aka pamac) and search for it.
  • pamac install nemo-terminal
  • sudo pacman -S nemo-terminal

Oh, and don't use yaourt. It's no longer maintained and insecure. Use pamac, yay or trizen instead if you want access to the AUR.


Do I need to activate the extension or is it integrated into Nemo on my own? Be that as it may, of course, I will mark your answer as a solution. Thank you very much.

If I remember correctly, one can enable / disable extensions in the menu somewhere.

I changed the post marked as the Solution so it's easier to understand at a quick look that using nemo-terminal solved the issue, not how to install it. :wink:


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