The initial forum arrival & loading has been VERY slow

For the last two or three days the forum has been arriving on my screen consistently much faster than the woeful pace it had previously been (for many months now).

Prior to this, it was by far the slowest of any site that I regularly visit (the same on a number of machines & using different browsers).

I'm always using a VPN (PIA these days), & it mattered not whether I was using one of the servers in Oz, or in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, or one located on either coast of Canada. The results re. Manjaro loading at a snails pace (or fast, as is now the case) relative to all the other sites remained the same.

So, this post is just to say that it looks like something has changed for the better on your end Manjaro.

If I am the only one effected by this change, then so be it. :slight_smile:

I offer my thanks anyway. :wink:

It might be related to this:

Maybe...'s been off-and-on-again for me for years, from the U.S. with no VPN. Only with Discourse, never in the "old" forums.

During the day (Central time, US) I get a lot of 504 gateway errors and it really slow a lot of the time.
I pretty much deal with it though. My internet provider is not very good at their job. :stuck_out_tongue:
I never know if it's me or the forums themselves.

I'm on the "verge" of getting a "permanent" internet connection (Friday now, it was supposed to be last Monday, which is a month later than the original time...).

I have been using a Telstra mobile internet connection for what's now pushing the last 20 months. It certainly could be better, & the new landline connection had better be better.

I agree with you @Sinister, once you get connected with the internet, your troubles can come from anywhere! :wink:

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I've got pretty good throughput with my current ISP. But the problem exists even with a different ISP.

I could get a little closer to the 'bone, but kinda scared to...fiber...I might d/l the entire internet and then where would we be?

The NBN people (Network of Bureaucratic Nincompoops!) don't have the organisational ability to scratch themselves.

They have stuffed me about for well over six weeks now, changing their rules, & extending my costs & inconvenience as they go. (The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman's office will be hearing about this.)

After spending $1,000- having a trench dug (high pressure water / vacuum gear), they have added more costs that were never mentioned initially. As well as an attitude that shows no care what so ever for their customer.

I'm not alone in this. I heard last night that a fellow down the road from me had an all out fight with NBN & ended up having a fatal heart attack at the age of 52 years, as he was apparently working out how to shoot the guys that were destroying his plans for a computer based business. The coroner was apparently informed by multiple sources that vindictive mistreatment at the hands of the NBN was the most likely cause for the early death of this otherwise strong & healthy man.

After hearing that story from a fellow that new the man & worked over the road from the victim's premises (where he lay dead for a fortnight before being found!). I decided that I've gotten of light in my fight...

Anyway, the NBN can go to hell, I'll stay with the much hated in this country Telstra, as it is my only other option. At least it works. I'll suffer the financial & other losses that go with it. Every time someone mentions the NBN, I'll spit.

One thing to try is switching to a third-party DNS service and circumventing your ISP's DNS Servers. I use Quad9 (fast and very reliable with the added benefit of malicious site blocking) instead of my ISP's but other reputable services are available too. I had problems with loading websites regularly before switching but also it disrupted my esports sessions by way of caused lag while the game tried repeatedly to resolve the unresolvable content on the ISP's own DNS service.

@handy BT Openworld have the monopoly where I live by way of providing the infrastructure that all over services have to use. They are expensive but seeing as the alternatives piggyback off the same network and have diabolical customer service (sending the wrong bills to customers, leaking customer details through equipment being left on public transport and their website server storing everything in plain text files being compromised) there is little choice.

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Good advice, thanks.
However, changing my DNS servers is one of the first things I do when I setup my computers.
But I think I'll try some alternatives. I've been using Cloudflare's lately. Might give Quad9 a whirl.

Thanks @anon71843593

To be fair, we were only foisted with this b@stard bunch coz of a far bigger problem, ie, yours & my fellow citizens incomprehensibly voting against their own best interests by putting Mad Monk into power, who of course ordered Trumble to destroy the NBN... job well & truly done. I'm ~800m from the node, so that 800m of rotted copper & crappy joints limits my max sync rates to only B0 Line Rate - Upstream (Kbps): 6400 B0 Line Rate - Downstream (Kbps): 28000, & in practice the best i ever get is 23/4 sans-VPN, & 22/4 on-VPN. If the citizenry were not such idiots, this would have been so much better.

Yes the forum is v frequently slow for me as well, & though i blame NBN for much, i don't think this is their doing.

I haven't been around this forum very much, but I've noticed that firefox for mobile tends to load forums using the discourse software slower than mobile chrome does, often having anywhere from a 0.5-3 second load time difference.

I don't know anything about this NBN, I'm in America where high speed internet costs $80 at minimum and still has an absurdly low 'data cap' eg 1tb/month, even on gigabit connections.

Are we under heavy load right now? It's taking a while to load stuff.

I guess. Just got back from a store run and I kept getting 504 errors or the page would simply not load at all.
Seems to have eased up a little now since I'm able to actually post now.

I'll just be here sipping my iced coffee. :stuck_out_tongue:

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/sigh :frowning:
I think we need more hamsters

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