The Maia / Sea green?

Am I the only one that has a hard time finding wallpapers I like because everything clashes with this particular shade of green?

It's not ugly by itself, but very very VERY few things look good with it. It also a little odd that some things are still colored in the old shade, such as the terminal colors and many times when looking for wallpapers online they are matched up to the old shade of green. Including all logos on these forums and the official homepage(!).

I know, I know install other themes... also the Matcha theme comes in an Arch Blue and a Numix Red variants, as well. All I am saying is that it's a very hard green to work with; almost everything I put with it clashes to an alarming degree.

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If that can give you ideas.

I haven't changed since then, though like you i haven't found anything else that matches it this well.

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