The Manjaro Beginner's Tour

I think you should follow it up with a tour of the KDE version, for me the KDE version is the better option

So is the Cinnamon edition

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XFCE is the FLAGSHIP Manjaro edition and my personal favorite. As such my focus is on that version since i feel it brings the best user experience.

Unfortunately, I do not have the time nor the resources to dedicate to additional tours. You may have noticed that I have not done even one distribution review since my show started back up 2 months ago. This is because distribution reviews take additional time and planning to put together; and there are plenty of people doing those...

I encourage other community members who have leveraged their time to share their experience with the Manjaro flavors they enjoy the most. These days making video documentaries is easy enough for anyone to do with the available applications in the repositories. I even have posted several videos illustrating my techniques. It is nice to even see Phil getting in on the action. He has been making videos from time to time. Awesome Sauce!

When the community chips in and shares knowledge freely, EVERYONE BENEFITS. We KEEP what we have by GIVING IT AWAY =D


Understood, was just a suggestion

Great series especially for beginners!

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Thanks very informative

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Thank you

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thanks a lot spatry, for that!

i have recently watched your guide on how to build a manjaro community edition. good job!
as you have mentioned in that guide, you should already have read the documentation when watching your video in order to understand what you are talking about. but that is a good thing, imho!

for everybody interested in watching that video, please look here:

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I feel like I am coming on like a "MARINE DRILL INSTRUCTOR" when I mention the documentation in my advanced tutorials. I am glad you found it useful! Cheers!

yes you mention a couple of times they have to read the documentation.
unfortunately, a lot of people need to be told to do that multiple times. so, that part is fine!

especially, i liked you mentioning that building your community edition takes 2 hours and every error will set you back another 2 hours.
this is something only experienced community edition maintainers know.
everybody thinking about building their own community edition has the right expectations after watching your video.

thanks again for it!

p.s.: if manjaro-tools keeps changing as fast as it changed in he past, you might need to take another building guide video in a year!

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THe only change I WANT is to be able to EASILY change the isolinux splash screens... I want to have my "Cup of Linux" Logo next to MANJARO LOL!

Thank you Spatry. I learned a number of new things from these series.

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in this case, please talk to this guy:
he develops manjaro-tools almost by himself.

also mention that changing the boot background could also profit sonar linux and netrunner.

if he changed anything, do not expect to see the change before the release of manjaro 16.06, though.

Well, my videos are not yet so good as yours. However I think they are good to have them.

Fair enough... I have a github account and I can put in a feature request. Thanks for the intel @excalibur1234!

[quote="philm, post:14, topic:291, full:true"]
Well, my videos are not yet so good as yours. However I think they are good to have them.[/quote]
Your videos are to the point and it gets the job done! I wish we had more people making videos :smile:

How to build an Manjaro ISO shouldn't change much on the tools we currently use. Sure we have a little speed in our tools than other distros, but in the last state of the ISO development cycle manjaro-tools got a frozen state so we can more concentrate on our profile settings. Only if we find critical issues we will patch them, but no new features before our next stable release of Manjaro.

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@philm THANKS for your help with ISOLINUX... I now have new mCOLe boot screens! :smiley:

Thank you Spatry for your work :wink:

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Thanks Spatry for putting this video series together. I started watching the first vid., paused it and dove head first into a KDE install. LoL. Going back to continue the series. This is great stuff. Please keep up the great work.

If anyone has links to video tours like Spatry's for the other Manjaro editions please post them.

Youtube is blocked in my country and I have to go to Windows and use Hotspotsheilds if I want to watch your videos which consumes more bytes.
Is it possible to have them directly here, I mean on forum?

Install Tails distro on a USB stick or SD card. It has Tor working out of the box.
And use the better with a Youtube downloader extension.

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