The mystery behind /bin/fish?

Hi, I'm a long time Linux user but pretty new to Manjaro.
I installed fish through pacman and it places the fish binary in both /bin and /usr/bin.

Now pacman -Ql fish lists /usr/bin/fish but not /bin/fish and pacman -Qo /bin/fish says that /usr/bin/fish is owned by fish 2.7.1-1```.

etc/shells only lists /usr/bin/fish by default so after issuing /usermod -s /bin/fish steelpan I could no longer log in and it took me some time to figure out what caused this.

So my question is:
Why doesn't pacman -Ql fish list /bin/fish?

/bin is a symlink to /usr/bin
a speciality of arch and derivative


Thanks for clearing that up scachemaille.

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